iron blue

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Synonyms for iron blue

slightly purplish or bluish dark grey

any of various blue pigments

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The GT Nav interior had additional touches that set it apart from the norm, including GT badging around the cabin and flashes of bright blue suede on the edges of the seats which complemented the Iron Blue exterior paint job.
Degussa is the only Western producer of iron blue which was used in a wide range of printing inks, but now tends to be applied only in gravure inks where its main rival is Asianproduced copper phthalocyanine blue.
Inside, there are bucket seats in Alcantara with contrasting Iron Blue touches on the car I was driving, to match the exterior, and tinted windows.
Some of these have wonderful names including minutest diving beetle, iron blue mayfly, distinguished jumper spider, wormwood moonshiner, fancy-legged fly and English assassin fly.
Degussa has been finding that sales of an iron blue pigment to makers of publication gravure inks have been declining in Europe because Asian producers have been pushing down the price of a rival phthalo blue.