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biometric identification by scanning the iris of the eye

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They are not the first smartphones to offer iris scanning in the world buy yet, they re close; Fujitsu secured that differentiation with the unveiling of its Arrows NX F-04G smartphone in Japan in June.
The face and iris scanning, on the other hand, are probably going to require a new computer or add-on.
Jeff Carter, the chief data officer at Hoyes Group, says that iris scanning is the best identification method available.
During his Muscat visit Shaikh Saif also toured the fingerprinting and iris scanning facilities of the Royal Oman Police at its Qurum headquarters.
The latest version of the biometric identification method enables iris scanning at a distance of 2.
Fingerprint authentication can be hindered by friction or dryness of the skin, while iris scanning can be difficult depending on the size of the user's eye, thereby preventing successful registration and verification at times.
As the systems integrator for this pilot program, Unisys will coordinate the testing of biometric technologies that likely will include fingerprinting, facial recognition and iris scanning.
From iris scanning to facial recognition, more and more security experts are harnessing biometrics to raise the bar.
Kennedy International Airport has implemented iris scanning technology to prevent its employees breaching security.
Iris scanning provides a better proof of identity than fingerprint, DNA or voicetesting technology as all 266 independent characteristics of the iris are unique.
Fingerprints, iris scanning, voice recognition, retina scanning, and handwriting analysis are the most common types of methods used.
The next up in the range of sophistication is iris scanning which is now being widely pioneered for ATM machines, particularly by NCR and the Nationwide Building Society.
One application of iris scanning debuted this year, when the security-conscious officials of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, required biathletes to go through such a system to check out their rifles.