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muscular diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil which in turn controls the amount of light that enters the eye

diaphragm consisting of thin overlapping plates that can be adjusted to change the diameter of a central opening

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The exception to this is the native Dwarf Crested Iris, which is a woodland species and will grow in dappled shade.
The P-Iris lens uses a stepper motor that allows the position of the iris opening to be precisely controlled," said Tosao Tohjima, Technical Director at Kowa CCTV Products.
You don't have to have read a word of Iris Murdoch or John Bayley to be affected by Richard Eyre's film version of Elegy for Iris, a Shadowlands-like hybrid of love and ill health among the literati.
Banks in Texas, England, and Japan have already launched the iris-recognition system, and experts predict that within several years, iris scanners may replace standard credit cards.
Iris scanning is one of the most secure biometrics, simply because of the large number of independent features that can be coded.
GNPD IRIS will help companies identify emerging trends and make smart choices in product innovation by monitoring the successes and failures of their competitors.
Bill got enthused after the couple visited a professional iris grower near Porterville, Calif.
4 -- color) Bill Van Gorder boasts 2,100 iris plants in his back yard, property of the High Desert Iris Society.
But the dispute over who is the rightful owner of the painting could spill into the courts, Iris members and the gallery's attorney agreed.
Today's agreement between IRIS Distribution and Groove Mobile is an important step for independent artists seeking to leverage the power of mobile music services.
To demonstrate, Richard Swartz, a 25-year-old Rice University graduate student, had his iris photographed by a bank employee.
The Board of Directors unanimously approved this amendment after determining it was in the best interests of the Company's shareholders to maintain strong, up to date, effective defenses against a potential unwanted takeover," stated IRIS President and Chief Executive Officer Cesar GarcE a.
Growing in her Acton back yard, Hi Desert Iris and Daylily Society charter member Pat Girl has an America's Cup - a beautiful all-white iris named after the sailing yacht race - and a Madam Shareux, a border bearded iris.
Under the agreement, Iris Diagnostics will also provide training, installation, service, and related reagents and consumables.
Some of the irises will be entered in this weekend's Hi-Desert Iris and Daylily Society Iris Show.