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Synonyms for irate

Synonyms for irate

full of or marked by extreme anger

Synonyms for irate

feeling or showing extreme anger


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But it will be interesting to see whether Apple offers any free Bumper case tailored for iPad to resolve the overheating problem just as it offered Bumper cases for free to irate iPhone 4 users who complained of sudden, dropped calls.
AN irate shopper was fined pounds 300 for a rug-rage incident.
IRATE Lisa Snowdon launched a furious backstage rant at wardrobe bosses over Rachel Stephens's sexy costumes.
But Egypt was even more irate when it learned the street signs were never actually changed.
Just then, an irate man stood up in the audience and declared: "That's enough
An irate Ferguson claimed referee Martin Atkinson's display was "unacceptable" and also accused referees' chief Keith Hackett of "not doing his job properly" in the wake of Saturday's 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.
HAVING just alighted from a bus in Tile Cross in my white overalls on my way to work in the area, I was confronted by an extremely irate building-site foreman.
A third have been physically threatened, with one rep being pushed into a hotel pool by an irate tourist.
LITTLEROCK -- A motorcyclist riding off road in the desert was shot in a leg by an irate man with a rifle Monday, authorities said.
She presented the cake to the irate guest as a token of apology.
SOUTH KOREA The country's principal raceday turned into a complete farce on Sunday when the abandonment of the Seoul Grand Prix prompted irate racegoers to burn down a ticket booth and throw snowballs in a violent manner.
Irate supporters have blasted an apparent U-turn by the Bluebirds who have now decided to offer their Ambassador fans those who bought season tickets before May 31 ONE ticket each for Highbury having originally promised them TWO.
But they shouldn't just be irate at the oil industry.
Economics As A Symptom Of Sadism rages at the excesses of capitalism that trample over those who cannot meet constantly shifting demands, but neither is it a pro-communism or pro-socialism book; instead, the author lays out his own prospective remedies to the severe and seemingly unjust imbalances, such as capping maximum salaries at a very comfortable level, and giving professors at universities less than their current level of absolute power over students--power that ensures those pursuing higher education are much less likely to buck the status quo, for fear of being shot down from their dreams by an irate teacher.
Rowena's extended family is irate while Grant's half-sister Dallas does not care except for needing money to save her horse breeding ranch.