ionic bond

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a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains an electron to form a negative ion

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This would result in a strong GOD--resin bond though an individual ionic bonds has a relatively weak bonding force.
Thus, both the ionic bond and the covalent bond involve a magnetically bound (anti-parallel spin-aligned) electron pair that is attracted to two positively charged atomic nuclei by Coulomb forces.
The bridge may also include highly ionic bonds (metal salts) or other bonds with weaker dissociation energies.
The new hy G Ionic toothbrush breaks this ionic bond by temporarily reversing the polarity of both surfaces as you brush.
In the case of metals, the anionic biosurfactant carries a negative charge, so when the molecule encounters a cationic metal such as lead that carries a positive charge, an ionic bond is formed that is stronger than the metal's bond with the soil.
It doesthis by breaking the ionic bond between negatively-charged teeth and positively- charged plaque.
The company's signature compound, Back-Set molecularly breaks down the ionic bond in hydrated portland cement, completely dissolving and releasing hardened material from surfaces.
At the same time, its internal electronic structure is just one electron short of an extremely stable 'aromatic' configuration, encouraging a high degree of charge transfer from the surface and creating a strong non-directional ionic bond," he stated.
2] Me salts contain an ionic bond between the -CO[O.