ionic bond

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a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains an electron to form a negative ion

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Here we consider ionic bonds, covalent bonds and the concept of the rule-of-two that is central to chemistry.
The Synerlec creates an ionic bond that adheres to metal parts to provide continuous protection even at start-up and strengthens the oil to provide unparalleled performance and protection.
At the same time, its internal electronic structure is just one electron short of an extremely stable 'aromatic' configuration, encouraging a high degree of charge transfer from the surface and creating a strong non-directional ionic bond," he stated.
2] Me salts contain an ionic bond between the -CO[O.
The technology and characteristics of this ionic bond have been detailed in the literature on commercial ionomers.
Unlike the ionic bond utilized to transport metals from the body with chelation, clathration utilizes ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonds.
The group has also been extending its work to simple molecules and clusters--for example, the metallic bond between two lithium atoms, a typical ionic bond (lithium hydride) and a covalent bond (water).