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a nonmetallic element belonging to the halogens

a tincture consisting of a solution of iodine in ethyl alcohol

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Radioactive iodine 131, which has a short half-life of eight days, was not detected in the monitoring conducted in May last year, according to the study.
Although the presence of iodine 131 over national territory is quite exceptional.
And no iodine 131 was found in drinking water sampling, Oregon health department spokeswoman Christine Stone said.
In theory, the Iodine 131 could have come from any radioactive waste processing facility," Matisoff said.
This exposure to iodine 131 is very possibly the origin of many thyroid disorders we're seeing today.
Ladenson also said that rTSH therapy promoted longer retention of iodine 131 and decreased the amount of whole body radiation exposure.
Apparently they would only have helped protect us against a leak of one sort of radioactive substance, iodine 131 - and that is no longer handled Britain's Sellafield reprocessing plant.
One cause of the disease is the radioactive Iodine 131, which was present in the fall- out from Chernobyl which blew across Scotland for 12 days after the disaster.
Contract awarded for Management Services Iodine 131 Patients Beneficiaries Of The Hospital Of Talca
Extremely low levels of iodine 131 - the radiation detected in Portland - are expected given the leakage from the nuclear plants, the state said.
Speaking at a special meeting of Louth Co Council yesterday, experts for British Nuclear Fuels Ltd said the iodine tablets were effective only when taken in response to a leak of the radioactive isotope iodine 131.
officials detected iodine 131 emissions with a concentration higher than that allowed by law coming from the affected building in Tokaimura, Ibaraki Prefecture, from Thursday to Saturday.