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a nonmetallic element belonging to the halogens

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iodotironin deiyodinaz tip 1, T4' u dis halkasindan bir iodin atomu uzaklastirarak bioaktif T3' e, ic halkasindan bir iodin atomu uzaklastirarak bioinaktif rT3' e, bioaktif T3' u ic halkasinda kalan bir iodin atomunu uzaklastirarak bioinaktif T2' ye, rT3' u de dis halkasinda kalmis olan bir iodin atomunu uzaklastirarak T2' ye donufturur.
The actual amount of the crystalline iodin compound necessary to produce marked effect is exceedingly small.
It has often been stated that in experimental amyloidosis the metachromasia with gentian or methyl-violet is the only reaction which is distinct, the characteristic coloring with iodin or iodin sulphuric acid being absent, or much less pronounced (Bailey).
In the experiments with nutrose and serum, the first traces of amyloid give a reaction with iodin at a time when the metachromatic coloration with methyl-violet is still hardly visible.
Mae copr, cobalt, seleniwm, sinc ac iodin yn cael eu hargymell i ffermwyr.
Defnyddir yr hormon Thyroxine i ddynodi lefelau iodin yng ngwaed yr anifeiliaid gan fod 80% o'r iodin i weld yn y thyroid ac roedd lefelau'r iodin yn y gwaed i weld yn is na'r arfer.
4) Table 2 The Evolution of Iodine from Discovery to Essentiality 1811 Discovery of iodine by Bernard Courtois (14) 1813 Gay-Lussac proved its elementary nature and coined the name iode, anglicized to iodin by Davy, which became iodine in the 1930s (4) 1850-1853 Chatin (16,17) measured iodine in water, food, and air of various localities.
I wished to administer at the same time tincture of digitalis, but preoccupied with the idea that there would be some danger in giving iodin, I wrote iodin instead of digitalis, so that the patient took from 15 to 20 drops of tincture of iodin a day for a fortnight.