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immune to attack

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The Syrians pointed out that the presidential elections in Syria will draw the true image of the future of the modern and invulnerable Syria.
She added that the software is mathematically proven to be invulnerable to large classes of attack.
HM the King commended the BDF staff keenness to carry out their national duties and combat readiness that reinforces their role in carrying out national duty, stressed that BDF will remain the invulnerable shield that defends Bahrain's safety and protects cultural and developmental gains made by its loyal citizens, wishing them success.
Goals from Brianne Jenner and Poulin tied up the game, beating previously invulnerable U.
These should be rendered invulnerable to compromise due to external or internal political or social pressures, a challenge India at the moment is being unable to meet, particularly with regard to its honour and image.
The All Blacks avenged last autumn's Twickenham humiliation with a 30-22 victory, but they were made to look far from invulnerable.
CTO said that traffic wardens have also been advised to cover their bodies while performing duties in order to remain invulnerable from dengue mosquitoes and avoid going where there are mosquitoes.
It is as if the sunshine makes us feel invulnerable.
He added: "Success and intelligence don't make you invulnerable to coercion at home.
For teenagers who fear rejection, Pink Kunzite helps give them the inner strength to love without fear and become invulnerable to the un- loving attitudes of others.
Le ministre israelien de la Defense Ehud Barak a appele samedi la communaute internationale a accroEtre le regime de sanctions contre l'Iran avant que ce pays n'entre dans une "zone d'immunite", qui le rendrait invulnerable a des frappes visant son programme nucleaire.
pushing for sanctions and covert actions as a deterrent while Israel argues that the point at which Iran would be invulnerable to an attack is approaching.
I've punched my older brother and got into fights with older boys at school - the leather makes me feel invulnerable.
Even the Mac OS X kernel is not invulnerable to compromise: this book teaches techniques to identify bugs, shows how bugs are exploited, and shows how to develop code that verifies security flaws.
He said if 180 million people would endeavor with utmost sincerity and faith , then the country could become invulnerable .