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Synonyms for invulnerability

having the strength to withstand attack

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the property of being invulnerable

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Other temptations like the need for status, certainty, harmony and invulnerability are no less harmful.
While this is perfectly true, particularly for what regards the frontal arc, the proverbial invulnerability of the tank is melting away like ice in a hot pan, as very few could now resist and survive an attack from a modern missile, particularly if its strikes from the top or the sides.
He had "a real sense of invulnerability," the sheriff said.
Their most striking feature, aside from their grand ambitions and wide scope, is their apparent invulnerability to the kinds of constitutional challenges that have derailed affirmative action programs in the United States.
However, perhaps the biggest problem for the rest of the peloton is Armstrong's perceived invulnerability.
The unrealistic perception of invulnerability on the part of residents in gated communities.
Several interviews raise the complex issues of training, performance, competition, repertoire, and retirement, but the film's grander theme is the vitality and invulnerability of the entire institution, which Tavernier dramatically accentuates with filmed images evolving into black-and-white stills throughout this magnificent record.
Essid specified that "difference and diversity are the essence of democratic exercise, affirming however, that we could not be divided on the principle of preserving the homeland's invulnerability, stability and development.
HANCOCK (5*, Friday, 9pm) WILL SMITH plays indestructible super hero John Hancock who has the power of flight, super-strength and invulnerability.
The Palestinians' victory in that war and the previous victories of the brave Palestinian nation have proved the falsehood of the tales on invulnerability of the Zionist regime and its armed forces," Zarif stressed.
Family and Friends Be gone those who plot against me My strength is greater than you think In the darkness my own shadow deserts me Yet even on the bleakest night I am not alone I have the shield of family and friends That is the very core of my existence They are my cloak of invulnerability You look at me and see an individual Look again; I am a collective; a family When you challenge me You challenge everybody around me You cannot break me; I am not fragile I have the united strength of many I am I; I am we; I am us I am not one person; I am a multitude When I weaken others give me strength When I fall others pick me up When I have doubt others give me courage When I need them most Family and friends are always there David Wyatt, Hipswell Highway, Coventry.
can maintain its forces' decadeslong invulnerability, including operating with impunity near China's shores.
But China's development and acquisition of advanced weapons, including precision anti-ship missiles, makes it implausible that the US can maintain its forces' decades-long invulnerability in the region, including the ability to operate with impunity near China's shores.
Hawthorn suggests that while some literary and film narratives use the reader's or viewer's sense of all-seeing invulnerability to underwrite the various systems of control and surveillance that are depicted in the work, others associate such forms of nonreciprocal observation with impotence and impoverishment and thus critique political systems that legitimize surveillance.
9 million to the company for 30 vehicles, which will have new features such as invulnerability against automatic rifles.