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Synonyms for involvement

Synonyms for involvement

the act or fact of participating

the condition of being entangled or implicated

Synonyms for involvement

a connection of inclusion or containment

a sense of concern with and curiosity about someone or something

a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

the condition of sharing in common with others (as fellows or partners etc

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Despite the evidence that caregivers are involved in the education of children in foster care, the literature bases on parental involvement and the education of youth in foster care fail to address caregiver involvement.
Future studies should be designed to compare the educational involvement of different types of caregivers.
Holt, Tamminen, Black, Mandigo, and Fox (2009) described parental involvement as the extent to which a parent is interested in their child's sport participation, knowledgeable about their child's sport participation, and takes an active role in their child's sport participation.
Researchers have suggested that parents who are moderately involved create an optimal and supportive atmosphere for their child's sport involvement because it communicates interest and support to the child (Cumming & Ewing, 2004; Stein, Raedeke, & Glenn, 1999; Wuerth, Lee, & Alfermann, 2004).
Samiur Rahman, son of Gul Habib, and Azeem Khan, son of Shaiber, were sentenced to death for their involvement in attacking the armed forces personnel which resulted in the deaths of Major Muhammad Ihsan and 11 others.
Arshad Bilal, son of Khadim Khan, and Anwar Ali, son of Fazal Ghaffar, were sentenced to death for their involvement in attacking the armed forces personnel which resulted in the deaths of nine soldiers and injuries to nine others.
I believe this will illustrate the status of Lane County's position on citizen involvement.
The Lane County code (Order 97-10-21-2) requires an annual plan from the Planning Commission, which also serves as the Citizen Involvement Committee.
In Cambodia for instance male involvement in reproductive health is underdeveloped (6) while in Africa, the role of men in maternity care is under-studied (7).
Transportation professionals have yet to define successful public involvement or develop commonly accepted methods for evaluating the effectiveness of public involvement.
Parental involvement in family-school partnerships has been widely established as supporting and improving students' social, emotional and academic outcomes (Avvisati, Besbas & Guyon, 2010; Avvisati, Gurgand, Guyon & Maurin, 2010; Emerson, Fear, Fox & Sanders, 2012; Fan & Williams, 2010).
Conclusion: High frequency of primary extranodal involvement was noted in our study.
Keywords: fathering, prenatal involvement, transition to parenthood, father competence
Researchers and writers have noted that parental involvement is associated with academic achievement (Mandara, 2006; Toldson, 2008); is a primary contributor to a student's success (Rumberger, 1995); and is widely accepted as important to a students' academic performance (Reutzal, Fawson & Smith, 2006; Senechal, 2006; St.