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Synonyms for involuntary

Synonyms for involuntary

acting or happening without apparent forethought, prompting, or planning

Synonyms for involuntary

not subject to the control of the will

controlled by the autonomic nervous system

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When a debtor successfully contests and obtains dismissal of an involuntary bankruptcy petition, the debtor can assert a broad range of damage claims against the petitioning creditors.
2) To assess the distress, difficulties and effect on activities of daily living in patients with involuntary movement disorders.
A lot of states started with involuntary commitment under mental health, and that's fairly well fleshed out at the state levels.
The study provided recommendations for organizations to take a proactive approach to reducing involuntary subscriber churn.
While involuntary part-time workers experience financial hardships that are very similar to the unemployed, the percentage of part-time workers who want full-time work has shown little decline over the last five years.
If persistent, these factors "may keep the level of involuntary part-time work associated with the Federal Reserve's maximum employment goal above the levels observed before the Great Recession.
The large and increasing proportion of involuntary retirement reports has important policy implications for fundamental questions that we as a society need to revisit regarding retirement.
While the unemployment rate has slowly fallen since 2010, the rate of workers in involuntary part-time positions has remained relatively constant.
The visits by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council including the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances are part of Pakistan's ongoing engagement and cooperation with the UN Human Rights Procedures and mechanisms.
MHRBs also receive periodic reports on the mental health status of all MHCUs undergoing prolonged assisted and involuntary CTR.
The bank said that it was going into involuntary liquidation as the government had cancelled all its licenses.
More than 1,500 flight attendants represented by the Association of Flight Attendants have accepted a voluntary layoff programme, removing the need for flight attendants to be given involuntary layoffs.
But last August, the sentence was overturned and yesterday he pleaded no contest to charges of attempted involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and breaking and entering.
of New Haven) assembles 10 essays reviewing the past decade of investigation and presenting new findings in the relatively new research area of involuntary memory.
Experts from all of the countries except Switzerland would treat such a patient with an involuntary intramuscular injection, but experts from only five of the countries would use an involuntary intravenous medication.