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Synonyms for involuntary

Synonyms for involuntary

acting or happening without apparent forethought, prompting, or planning

Synonyms for involuntary

not subject to the control of the will

controlled by the autonomic nervous system

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While involuntary part-time workers experience financial hardships that are very similar to the unemployed, the percentage of part-time workers who want full-time work has shown little decline over the last five years.
The single largest five-year increase in involuntary part-time employment since the 1970s occurred between 2007 and 2012.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- It is a widely held belief that blushing is an involuntary response.
Finally, the temporary regulations offer no guidance on how to depreciate a like kind exchange or involuntary conversion involving multiple properties; the preamble indicates merely that taxpayers should apply the temporary regulations' principles to such transactions.
What were previously considered involuntary, or autonomic, responses are in fact voluntary if you are taught properly," says Cowings.
Symptoms can start with motor tics where patients develop sudden, rapid, recurrent, involuntary movements, particularly of the head and facial area.
These two examples illustrate how situations that would cause a facility to consider the involuntary discharge of a resident may not be clear-cut.
Like Szasz, many of them deny the existence of mental illness and see involuntary treatment as a form of social control rather than medical care.
The nearest equivalent to involuntary homicide under English law is manslaughter.
The court further held that a finding that the voluntary patient was incapacitated by alcohol on a recurring basis satisfied the statutory requirement for initiating involuntary commitment.
In 1997, more than 70,000 Floridians were involuntarily examined under the Backer Act, and nearly 20,000 petitions for involuntary civil commitment for psychiatric treatment were filed.
Within forty-five days, the prosecutor must decide whether to petition the state for the person's involuntary commitment.
Work experience Total in the At or above labor force poverty level Total in labor force 126,020 118,539 Did not work during the year 1,085 583 Worked during the year 124,935 117,955 Usual full-time workers 103,545 99,113 Some involuntary part-time work(2) 5,917 5,234 Usual part-time workers 21,390 18,843 Involuntary part-time workers 4,307 3,190 Voluntary part-time workers 17,083 15,653 Work experience Below Poverty poverty rate rate(1) Total in labor force 7,482 5.
During that time, her partnership share of her family's 28-property portfolio has been drained through an involuntary bankruptcy while presided over by Judge Prudence Carter Beatty [formerly known as Prudence Beatty Abrams].
The following section describes the relationship between economic losses in the involuntary market and voluntary market premiums that would be likely to exist in a competitive market, first when voluntary market rates are unregulated and then when they are regulated.