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Synonyms for invoice

Synonyms for invoice

a precise list of fees or charges

to present a statement of fees or charges to


Synonyms for invoice

send an bill to

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The invoice number will continue to appear on invoices, as was in the pre-VAT era.
Furthermore, network services like the Basware Portal provide a secure, easy to use e-invoice channel designed for companies who have no capabilities or invoice processing systems to receive e- invoices.
Direct Insite's Invoices On- Line (IOL) suite simplifies AP and AR processes such as: electronic invoice distribution and submission; purchase order submission, distribution and acknowledgement, invoice processing and validation, line-item matching, approval routing, invoice consolidation, dispute management,e- payment processing, and reporting and analysis.
A full audit trail also ensures that at any given time business owners can see whether an invoice has been paid or if it's awaiting approval.
Cost savings of 44 percent in the accounts receivable (AR) departments, where manually-processed invoices cost on average $4 per invoice and fully-automated invoices $2.
Paper and electronic invoices will be treated equally, which will allow businesses to move to a 100% e-invoicing system.
Electronic delivery will also eliminate invoice errors resulting from manual data entry of paper invoices into the payment system by VAFSC staffers.
Because they've agreed to subscribe (with the first three issues free), you may then send them an invoice rather than a continuation notice.
The current paper-based invoice certification process has the potential to cause frustration and inefficiency all round.
On one occasion Stanley had told Phoebe of his latest brainstorm: If he submitted phony invoices to the company they worked for, she could get them approved and paid.
Payment Process -- Instead of responding to a supplier's invoice, the purchaser calculates payment based on price information stored in their computer.
Roofing company officials reported giving Syncro one invoice for about $12,000, Lobner said.
The study found that 81 percent of invoices are scanned for invoice processing, yet only 26 percent of enterprises outsource the scanning of purchase invoices into electronic format, with the number as low as 11percent among SMEs.
Contract notice: Purchase invoice digitization, e-billing and administrative services to the sap information exchange.