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Synonyms for invoice

Synonyms for invoice

a precise list of fees or charges

to present a statement of fees or charges to


Synonyms for invoice

send an bill to

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Businesses are spinning their wheels trying to manage invoices manually," said Bruce Orcutt, vice president of product management and marketing at ABBYY's North American Headquarters.
About Tungsten Corporation plc Tungsten Corporation(LSE: TUNG) accelerates global trade by enabling customers to streamline invoice processing, improve cash-flow management and make better buying decisions from their detailed spend data.
Basware has taken on the 'E-invoicing Switchover', helping businesses maximize the number of electronic sales invoices they send.
Direct Insite formed this strategic relationship with Data Dimensions to deliver a Zero Footprint approach to automating invoices that are not submitted through the Invoices On-Line portal.
Cost savings of 44 percent in the accounts receivable (AR) departments, where manually-processed invoices cost on average $4 per invoice and fully-automated invoices $2.
Because they've agreed to subscribe (with the first three issues free), you may then send them an invoice rather than a continuation notice.
Faster, Simpler, More Accurate Electronic Invoice Handling
This is the first article in a four-part series on identifying false invoices and their issuers.
The traditional recordkeeping function of the purchaser's accounts payable department in receiving the sales invoice, shipping/receiving documents, comparing and verifying purchase orders and then determining payment has been changed.
In Eastern Europe, companies are using the EIPP platform with invoice discounting and financing to radically accelerate collections and/or extend payment terms to buyers.
The matching service compares each incoming purchase invoice with its corresponding completed purchase order.
Targeted at businesses with significant A/P overhead, the patent-pending Emergis[R] e-Invoicing for Payables solution is geared towards increasing control over cash outflows while reducing A/P costs and enabling more accurate cash management through enhanced invoice and payment visibility.
BOSTON -- Invoice Cloud provides "true" e-invoicing that dramatically lowers invoicing and collections costs for both businesses and paying customers.