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Synonyms for invocation



Synonyms for invocation

the act of praying

Synonyms for invocation

a prayer asking God's help as part of a religious service

an incantation used in conjuring or summoning a devil

calling up a spirit or devil

the act of appealing for help

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2, 2010) ("Defendant's silence or refusal to answer any of the detectives' questions could not be construed as an invocation of his right to remain silent.
Black Speak represents the invocation of purposeful choices in the means and mode of communicating the rich and complex cultural consciousness of African Americans.
Beni Mora, subtitled "Oriental Suite," is especially enjoyable, but the other cuts -- particularly Invocation for Cello and Orchestra -- are quite rewarding, too.
In certain respects, despite Greider's invocation of the not-so-bad old days when grizzled, no-nonsense reporters spoke in the populist voice to and for working-class readers, the rise of reporters with restless minds, even Ivy League degrees, is a good thing.
The Invocation Model of Process Expression argues that mathematics does not provide the most appropriate conceptual foundations for computer science, but, rather, that these foundations are a primary source of unnecessary complexity and confusion.
Its county commission already had an exclusionary invocation policy in place; the Times-News reports that commissioners simply rotated between "a couple" of Christian ministers.
Without proscribing the invocation of high principles or even the gods generically, a religion-neutral public sphere would be free of references to Jesus and the Trinity, Jehovah, Moses, and Allah, every bit as much as it is free of Chevrolet, Google, and Apple.
In June, a Wiccan high priest who had delivered an invocation in January was set to do so again.
Robert Plant Armstrong's work The Powers of Presence: Consciousness, Myth, and Affecting Presence in Yoruba Traditional Culture situates Yoruba creativity in an aesthetics of invocation in which modernist European conceptions of artifact, artist, and audience are redefined as parts of a fluid system based on reciprocity.
Mosley,(16) the Supreme Court essentially interpreted the invocation of the right to silence as a request for time so suspects could think clearly about the situation.
schematic), and Calibre RVE (results viewing environment), all accessible through the Calibre Interactive invocation GUI.
The policy allows those who deliver the invocation to choose the invocation's content; this means the person delivering the invocation could choose to open with a moment of silence or a solemnizing message rather than a prayer.
Graham has been invited to participate in a record 10 inaugurals, but due to a hospitalization a few days before the 54th presidential inauguration in 2001 was unable to fulfill his commitment to lead the invocation at then President-elect Bush's first inauguration.
Krin Van Tatenhove of Littlerock Community Presbyterian Church will provide the invocation and benediction.