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a visitor to whom hospitality is extended

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New Delhi [India], March 1 ( ANI ): Senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge on Thursday declined the government's invitation to attend the meeting of the Selection Committee for Lokpal appointment as a special invitee.
Their invitees, on the other hand, can win roundtrip international and domestic tickets, and tour packages to Palawan, Cebu or Davao.
One of the two invitees went to the party with his relative, while the other reportedly took two women with him.
Virgilio, (2) the Massachusetts Appeals Court considered whether the common area entryways and parking zones of multiple unit residential buildings constitute "any place to which members of the public have access as invitees or licensees" within the meaning of the Massachusetts OUI Statute.
The problems faced by the media were not inherent because of the venue but created by the organisers due to lack of planning,a complete lack of discipline and sycophancy, which is a very Delhi trait - Thousands of Chunnu-Munnus, Buntys and Mintys and Rajus were present on the Media Day just because their father's brother's in law' sister's younger son's friend's uncle's cousin had a stand at the Auto Expo and got them a Special Invitee pass so that they could be present on the Media Days and boast about it
Any costs incurred by the invitee's withdrawal from the program after JETRO has notified them that they are an official invitee shall be borne by the invitee.
Three will qualify from each heat and will be joined by the three invitees in the semis.
Tubes automatically creates instant digital connections, 'tubes', between and among all invitees.
A spokesman says the 65-year-old toon pioneer--one of 120 invitees this year--wants to "concentrate on his professional activities.
Florida law holds that property owners have no duty to guard an invitee against harm from wild animals.
For those camps that have extra beds to fill, establishing parent to invitee ratios, tracking the relationship of an invitee to the camper, and measuring the number of invitees and e-card recipients that are requesting more information is fundamental.
The record of each invitee government demonstrates powerfully its commitment to NATO.
Permitted members can add or modify content in the tube with those changes instantly synchronized to every invitee, making Tubes perfect for community activities and group-based media and file sharing.