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Synonyms for invisibleness

the quality of not being perceivable by the eye

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However, the evidence of moral facts, the human need for some personal property, and the ubiquity of personal property ownership suggest the existence of an invisible natural force that causes property ownership regardless of the visibleness or invisibleness of the ownership.
With five million Palestinians already deprived of any land as their heritage, it is incumbent upon them to retain, to regain, their cultural voice, their cultural history as a bulwark against further denial and invisibleness under the domination of the Israeli occupation.
I am, however, bothered by the invisibleness of female cadets in the book--the first woman is not mentioned until page 72.
It speaks to the ridiculousness of this clothing in context to real situations but it also speaks to the invisibleness that the clothing creates by removing the wearers of the clothing from certain public places; as though Muslims only exist in a certain context which is actually a self-inflicted stereotype.