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the quality or condition of being safe from assault, trespass, or violation

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The court found that a prolonged vagueness in legislative drafting, which results in a group of people in society not having security in how a life situation will work out, and which interpretation of the law an official will choose when solving a situation regarding them, infringes the inviolability of the private life of a person and might result in damage to a person's dignity.
Based on this provision, I think that a divorce law is unconstitutional, as it violates the inviolability of marriage which the state must defend.
All parties in this region must respect the inviolability of United Nations peacekeepers and their right to carry out their work on behalf of the international community," McCully said.
In its statement, the Islamic-Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and Holy Sites considered such Israeli measures a flagrant violation of the humanitarian law, the international conventions and other agreements that call for the safety and inviolability of the Holy Places.
NNA - Tensions on the Crimean peninsular soared have after Vladimir Putin put the Russian army on high alert and Nato officials warned they would back the inviolability of [UkraineA's] frontiers.
The most important source of knowledge about the human body in the early medieval legal codes of Germanic people, explains Tyszka, are the regulation on varied crimes against the integrality and inviolability of the living human body.
This is the first step toward extending the privacy and inviolability of official posts," Rousseff said.
Mr Haq added that "the inviolability of diplomatic missions", including the United Nations and other international organisations, has been well-established international law.
The bikers came from all over the world and took part in an unrelated, two-day pro life rally to commemorate a 1995 encyclical on the inviolability of human life.
Al-Haisami expressed Yemen's appreciation for the keenness of the Arab and European foreign ministers on maintaining the unity and independence of Yemen and respect for the inviolability of its territory.
Those who are sick, vulnerable or disabled need the law to be robust in protecting the inviolability of every human life.
According to the statement, the drone activity " contravenes all universally accepted existing international norms relating to sovereignty and inviolability of air space of sovereign countries and the basic purposes of peaceful and friendly relations that should exist among sovereign states.
Cabral added that: "The members of the Security Council recalled the fundamental principle of the inviolability of diplomatic and consular premises and the obligation of host governments, to take all appropriate steps to protect diplomatic and consular premises against any intrusion or damage and prevent any disturbance of the peace of these missions or impairment of their dignity " The council members called Syria to take all necessary measures to protect diplomatic missions and their members //Petra// SF//R Q// 16/11/2011 - 11:22:58 AM
We have all experienced the integrity of some politicians and seen stories about some behaviour in the medical profession in hospitals not so long ago, making a guarantee of inviolability a condition.
UNRWA expressed its concern over this event and voiced its protest since these activities run counter to the inviolability of United Nations premises and violate its principles of neutrality and impartiality.