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Synonyms for invincibility

the property being difficult or impossible to defeat

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The president said "the myth of Israel's invincibility is over" and Israel is merely seeking to maintain its image as a dreadful power to preserve its existence.
It''s hardly surprising that when ordinary mortals, who just happen to be good at what they do, are bestowed with an aura of mystique and invincibility, they assume they can do what they like.
Gatland's conciliatory stance looked to have come too late, though, with the official All Blacks website indirectly accusing him and wing Leigh Halfpenny of "trash talk" in saying that Graham Henry's men have lost their "aura of invincibility.
After a series defeat to South Africa - their first at home for 16 years - and other unconvincing performances, the invincibility shroud has fallen.
The firm's Graham Sharpe said: "Federer's aura of invincibility has begun to slip alarmingly this year.
I was reading stuff like that in the paper today - 'is the invincibility all over?
Alderbrook had that aura of invincibility about him; he knew he was special and everything about him was different.
Dancers capable of performing the lateral T in turns, jumps, and transitions to the floor project a sense of invincibility.
There is much talk about the Da Vinci code but to me, it is the invincibility code of those piously practising laws that punish only decency that needs to be made one of the myths of history.
The British Television Network calls the Bailey's destruction an ``emergency demolition'' in an attempt to downplay any stray thoughts Britons might be having about the invincibility of the Norsefire regime.
Taking the ideas of Palestinian cultural historian Edward Said as a starting point, British, US, and Chinese scholars in a range of disciplines explore the impact of the colonial encounter on French culture between the invasion of Algeria and the collapse of the idea of French invincibility occasioned by the fall of France during World War II.
Yet, over time, despite the appearance of invincibility, many of these institutions, just like the dinosaur, also expire and disappear.
Caesar's victories over the Gauls were mostly achieved by playing disunited tribes against one another, and further encouraged Rome to trust in her own invincibility.
You have to remember that most of these athletes are very young, in their twenties, and so they have feelings of invincibility," says Olivier Rabin, scientific director of WADA.
ROGER FEDERER stretched his unbeaten run on grass to 21 matches with a straight sets victory over Ivo Karlovic yesterday but the defending Wimbledon champion has dismissed suggestions of invincibility on the surface.