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Synonyms for invigoration

quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous

the activity of giving vitality and vigour to something

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Collection C, "Serenity", will help you achieve inner tranquillity, and Collection D, "Awakening", will create a feeling of freshness, new energy and invigoration.
Blending the invigoration of cardio with the mind-body connection of yoga, hoop dance is a creative new way to express yourself while improving balance, reducing stress, burning calories and enhancing strength.
The uAstro 2 massage chair also boasts a design that elevates your legs to a "zero-gravity" position, which relieves pressure from head to toe and allows you to massage your way to relaxation, reduced stress and unrivaled invigoration.
The National Bank concluded that there was slight invigoration in the credit market too.
Mr Longstaff said: "Emirates expects to play an increasing role in the ongoing invigoration of the region's commerce.
Macedonia's trade is showing signs of invigoration.
This station is just the beginning of our pounds 600m plans for Metro invigoration and some exciting times lie ahead for passengers.
Oramo's baton drew an impressive range of sonorities from Brahms' Second Symphony, finding humour in these pages as well as introspection and invigoration.
Mitko Kocovski from the association of the metal industry says that in spite of the invigoration of the industry in the first three months of 2010, the performances results fell much shorter of expectations.
It would be a wonderful achievement to win it, because there is not a club in the land in greater need of spiritual invigoration.
Footwear suppliers believe that safety footwear markets need invigoration through stimulus from new applications and industries, rather than from expansion within the old.
However, the psychological moment and the shortage of fresh capital are still in the way of genuine invigoration of the Macedonian stock market.
In addition, guests seeking additional invigoration and relaxation will find it at The Grand Spa, a fully equipped 21,527-square-foot spa and fitness center featuring the latest Technogym equipment for cardiovascular, aerobic and isometric workouts and swimming in a glass-domed heated indoor pool, complete with a cozy wood-burning open fireplace.
Zivko Mukaetov, general director of Alkaloid, says that 2010 will be a year of stagnation and that slight invigoration can be expected in the last quarter of the year.
The Novem Group offers life and executive coaching for professionals who desire career invigoration, more work/life balance and improved relationships.