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Synonyms for invigoration

quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous

the activity of giving vitality and vigour to something

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Secretary General of Taxation at the Ministry of Finance said that the sale process is designed to expand ownership of individuals and investment institutions in the national company of strategic importance, as well as to enhance the participation of individuals and public in the process of privatization implemented by the Government, enriching the trading at Muscat Securities Market and the consequent invigoration of the market and to maintain the gains achieved during the past period.
Armed Forces have taken various preventive measures like invigoration of Aviation Safety Organisation, streamlining of accident reporting procedure, analytical studies and quality audits of the aircraft fleets to identify vulnerable areas to reduce aircrafts accidents," Antony said.
pertaining to the invigoration of the Armenian-Moldovan political dialogue and development of the cooperation in the trade and
Chapters address invigoration of micro and small businesses through secured commercial credit (and the need for legal and institutional reform); company law in Argentina; limited liability under Chilean law; legal protection of minority shareholders; corporate groups in Mexico; Spain's unsuccessful effort to simplify corporate law; and a half dozen other topics.
The invigoration ceremony took place at Iqra National University by Mian Iftikhar Husain, Minister for Information & Culture, and Muhammad Ayub Ashari, the Minister for ST&IT.
Now, researchers from PNNL, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the University of Maryland took to high-performance computing to study the invigoration effect on a regional scale.
He will build on the core qualities and values that already attract and retain our extremely loyal clients, and he will spearhead the profitable invigoration and expansion of our private client investment business.
Coupled with the socialization of everything, this year's digital media and entertainment startups are boldly charging into future, ready to reinvent the establishment with new, invigoration products and services," says Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn.
Without the invigoration of the laws supporting their rights, women will remain on the sidelines," she was quoted as saying by Kuwait News Agency.
In her view, the Government's public spending creates a possibility for invigoration of the economy in a time of crisis.
The programme will not continue to deliver the desired results without a real invigoration of structural reforms in the public sector to ensure a further deficit reduction, and without further reforms to get economic recovery going next year," Thomsen said.
The sea-level changes are being driven by the invigoration of two primary patterns of wind movement, the Hadley and Walker circulations, which is itself partly attributable to rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases.
Hartley reckons this remarkable market invigoration will last as long as interest rates are low.
The activities of the Women's League have contributed to the invigoration of life on and off campus, noted Dorman.
Economy Minister Juhan Parts stated that the invigoration of the business sector is of greatest importance in fighting the unemployment rate.