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Synonyms for invigorating

Synonyms for invigorating

Antonyms for invigorating

imparting strength and vitality

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At her best, Plath is invigoratingly enraged, pouring out reckless, personal, brilliantly embodied images.
Extra Fresh is a modern fragrance that bursts with an invigoratingly clean feeling.
Liszt's Au Bord d'un Source, in contrast, was invigoratingly fresh and bracing.
The earliest works--with titles like Circle Nodes-Four Bars, Three Circles Ruled & Free Sweep, or Sweep, Arch and Running Nodes, the last conferred on an invigoratingly jittery horizontal composition whose galloping arcs and hatchings bring Muybridge to mind--would seem to be in line with the era's prevailing deadpan modes of conceptual address.
Judges verdict: A very British rap record - down to earth, musically diverse and invigoratingly upbeat.
The speeches in there were not all invigoratingly dynamic,'' Craig said after the session ended, ``but most senators are paying attention.
SMIRNOFF ICE Tropical Fruit --Combines refreshing fruit punch with tropical flavors to deliver an invigoratingly smooth, fruit-filled taste.
Barely a big meeting went by without the languid presence of HRA Cecil in the winner's enclosure - tie by Hermes, shoes by Gucci, cigarette never far away and the anticipation of a long, cool glass of something invigoratingly alcoholic hovering just beyond the interviewer's next question.
Not a very festive-sounding festival, but one that might just go down as invigoratingly as a cold shot of vodka.
Bach must of course take the credit for much of this, but so also must the performers, who under Paul Spicer's direction respond invigoratingly to the vast array of styles juxtaposed in the massive score.
Stop-start dynamics, lurching, jagged guitars and invigoratingly melodic pop hooks, the Llama Farmers are a must-see.
com is an entertaining and visually fresh green online branding site with an innovative product marketing initiative that is invigoratingly different and fun to use and explore.
If not as invigoratingly fizzy, the other two French pieces were just as enjoyable.
Now we can recapture the thrill of that evening with a wonderful coupling of Dvorak's last two symphonies, the Eighth and the New World, from these forces, unsentimental, literal to the scores, and bringing an invigoratingly fresh look at articulation and phrasing.