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Synonyms for invigorating

Synonyms for invigorating

Antonyms for invigorating

imparting strength and vitality

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A broad, fine, honest sun lighted up the green pastures and dimpled water with the semblance of summer, while it left the travellers all the invigorating freshness of that early time of year.
What pleased her best of all was to see him romping and racing with Sancho, while I walked by her side - not, I fear, for love of my company (though I sometimes deluded myself with that idea), so much as for the delight she took in seeing her son thus happily engaged in the enjoyment of those active sports so invigorating to his tender frame, yet so seldom exercised for want of playmates suited to his years: and, perhaps, her pleasure was sweetened not a little by the fact of my being with her instead of with him, and therefore incapable of doing him any injury directly or indirectly, designedly or otherwise, small thanks to her for that same.
Although the sight of that magnificent round of beef, and the silver tankard suggestive of real British home-brewed ale and porter, which perennially greet the eyes of the traveller returning from foreign parts who enters the coffee-room of the George, are so invigorating and delightful that a man entering such a comfortable snug homely English inn might well like to stop some days there, yet Dobbin began to talk about a post-chaise instantly, and was no sooner at Southampton than he wished to be on the road to London.
His manners were pleasantly marked by the formal grace and refinement of the old school of politeness, quickened by the invigorating sharpness and readiness of a man whose business in life obliges him always to keep his faculties in good working order.
But there was also about him an indescribable air which no mechanic could have acquired in the practice of his handicraft however dishonestly exercised: the air common to men who live on the vices, the follies, or the baser fears of mankind; the air of moral nihilism common to keepers of gambling hells and disorderly houses; to private detectives and inquiry agents; to drink sellers and, I should say, to the sellers of invigorating electric belts and to the inventors of patent medicines.
A fiddler who was present, and who appeared to act as the appointed minstrel of the company, forthwith struck up a Scotch reel; and that in tones so invigorating, that Hugh and his friend (who had both been drinking before) rose from their seats as by previous concert, and, to the great admiration of the assembled guests, performed an extemporaneous No-Popery Dance.
They ain't Pills, or Hair-Washes, or Invigorating Nervous Essences, to be puffed in that way
And when he was knocked down (which happened upon the average every third round), it was the most invigorating sight that can possibly be imagined, to behold him gather up his hat, gloves, and handkerchief, with a glowing countenance, and resume his station in the rank, with an ardour and enthusiasm that nothing Could abate.
The invigorating and inspiring class, partly "zen" but mostly "go," delivers a hardcore cardio and strength training experience you'll never forget.
To create a fresh and invigorating living space, consider Designers Guild's Salso fabric, www.
The Crest Pro-Health line from Procter & Gamble has been refreshed with the addition of Clinical Gum Protection Invigorating Clean Mint Toothpaste and Invigorating Clean Multi-Protection Rinse.
Summary: Seoul, 05 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1431 H/ 11 November 2010, SPA -- Leaders and heads of delegations of the G20 Seoul summit continued their deliberations at a dinner party hosted by President Lee Myung-bak hoping to settle their key differences on ways of invigorating the international economy and treating.
The result's an invigorating, educational set of modern drum styles traversing ethnic boundaries: a pick for any learning the drums, and a 'must' for the in-depth music lending library.
Techniques and strategies that anyone can use to lift themselves out of the doldrums abound in this invigorating and emotionally cleansing self-help guide.
A New England folkie with a parched, wounded voice and a mean way with an acoustic guitar, Pureka makes romantic depression seem, somehow, invigorating.