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with restored energy

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Youth, invigorated by health and lightness of spirits, requiring soon that what it loses should be immediately restored - youth knows not those endless, sleepless nights which enable us to realize the fable of the vulture unceasingly feeding on Prometheus.
Encouraged by the practical outcome of Bert's negotiations with his brother, and by the fact that half the hiring-stock was out from Saturday to Monday, they decided to ignore the residuum of hiring-trade on Sunday and devote that day to much-needed relaxation and refreshment--to have, in fact, an unstinted good time, a beano on Whit Sunday and return invigorated to grapple with their difficulties and the Bank Holiday repairs on the Monday.
Refreshed, delighted, invigorated, I walked along, forgetting all my cares, feeling as if I had wings to my feet, and could go at least forty miles without fatigue, and experiencing a sense of exhilaration to which I had been an entire stranger since the days of early youth.
He had no choice but to leave Emily, without being cheered by her bright looks, invigorated by her inspiriting words.
The little pupils having been stimulated with the remains of their breakfast, and further invigorated by sundry small cups of a curious cordial carried by Mr Squeers, which tasted very like toast-and-water put into a brandy bottle by mistake, went to sleep, woke, shivered, and cried, as their feelings prompted.
Man is the broken giant, and in all his weakness both his body and his mind are invigorated by habits of conversation with nature.
Rawdon determined to attack Briggs as she came away from her bath, refreshed and invigorated by her dip, and likely to be in good humour.
My courage and perseverance were invigorated by these scoffing words; I resolved not to fail in my purpose, and calling on heaven to support me, I continued with unabated fervour to traverse immense deserts, until the ocean appeared at a distance and formed the utmost boundary of the horizon.
Weller, invigorated with the prospect of refreshments.
This is also going to have a positive effect on the economy, which will be invigorated in the long run," says Sead Kocan, Vice President of the Chambers.
The asset, which is 70% occupied, will be invigorated with a new, aggressive leasing program designed to highlight the building's outstanding location, accessibility and its unrivaled views from every side.
Allow your mundane self to slip away as your body becomes invigorated with the life force flowing through you.
Emotion and hope surge from the pages, in this novel that leaves the reader feeling invigorated and enthusiastic about life.
As independent teachers, we need to take a similarly proactive approach to create a studio with refreshed, invigorated and innovative teaching.
Ideally, you should come back from a vacation feeling refreshed, even invigorated, but no matter how long you lollygag poolside with cucumber-covered eyes, one thing can get in the way of your best-laid plans: the ugly specter known as jet lag.