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The Meeting decided that in order to control unfair means ,the invigilation system may be ensured that any kind of Mal Practices in the Examination will not be tolerated at any cost .
Security of the candidates and exam invigilation staff and enhance the deployment of security personal at sensitive centres, stoppage of interference of irrelevant persons in the premises of the exam centres to curb the copy culture.
He said the FDE had developed an online Security Inspection Monitoring System (SIMS) and Daily Visitor Invigilation System (DVIS), while emergency telephone numbers were displayed at prominent places in the institutions.
Neutral teachers from other departments performed duty of invigilation to ensure transparency
As voters would turn up in huge numbers and VIPs would be dropping in for invigilation at the electoral booths, the police would be fanning out security personals effectively.
I was on invigilation duty when I was called and handed a termination letter stating I was not required by Manipal from the month of February, which was technically the very next day.
We caught him red-handed during invigilation when he was using an internet-enabled watch to answer questions.
The financial package will help to cover any extra costs relating to invigilation, marking and data entry.
The AHA makes little provision for protection of sites, and in any case the large number of sites and their remoteness make invigilation of sites difficult to provide, meaning they can be disrupted (Crawford 1979:471; Wright 1979:380).
Developed by global oil and gas training standards body Opito International and delivered in partnership with Atlas via approved invigilation centres, IMIST brings for the first time a standardised level of basic safety training to an estimated 1.
The Institution of Engineers (India) -- Qatar Chapter has been conducting the examinations twice a year under the supervision and invigilation of the Indian embassy.
But the proper conduct of civic invigilation requires the expertise of nongovernmental organisations, and I worry that these do not have a sufficiently strong presence in Spanish civil life.
AN EXAMINATIONS officer at Aston University, who falsely claimed over pounds 13,000 for invigilation work that was never done has avoided a jail sentence.
32) In such circumstances, there is, according to Pettit, invigilation, not interference, and for a civic republican, invigilation is a form of control that undermines freedom.