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The spokesman concluded that a section of individuals in SPLA wanted the controller of examinations to award invigilation duty to some teachers favorite them; upon refusal they started a malicious campaigned against him.
There are so many problems regarding invigilation, process of taking exams, non-cooperative behavior of authorities and paper leakage.
31) Even though military elite invigilation remained (more than 3,000 people were arrested for 'anti-secular' activities in 1987 followed by another 800 in 1990 for 'having ties with fundamentalist organisations'), certain sections of the Islamist movement were, under such state tutelage, able to move from the political periphery to the centre.
The rise in contract cheating is also being counteracted by a move to mandatory pass requirements in exams where there are ID checks and high levels of invigilation.
With the changes in technology, Education has changed, be it in terms of learning methods, teaching, assessment or invigilation.
In some schools and colleges strict invigilation is followed.
Death in the news: The public invigilation of private emotion.
The delegation comprising lecturers and experts from Heriot Watt University, UK, are involved in invigilation process.
Provide an appropriate member of the NZIMLS for liaison in respect of examination organisation and invigilation.
Exam management often contains exam course management, exam schedule arrangement, makeup exam management, course-retaken management, invigilator management, invigilation schedule arrangement, invigilation workload management and grade exam management.
Methods such as blinker screen invigilation, interleaving participants using different tests, and randomizing item and response orders have been proposed (Bull & McKenna, 2000; Conole & Warburton, 2005).
Neutral teachers from other departments performed duty of invigilation to ensure transparency
As voters would turn up in huge numbers and VIPs would be dropping in for invigilation at the electoral booths, the police would be fanning out security personals effectively.
His church-building program and vigorous support of the Polish opposition elicited communist invigilation through most of his thirty-three-year episcopal service.
The Diagnosis, on the other hand, which involved additional amounts for printing, a longer period of invigilation and rating of scripts, cost about $27 a student.