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watch over (students taking an exam, to prevent cheating)

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The exam was invigilated, marked, processed and released, but KNEC has not yet paid teachers who were involved in the process,' Otungu told the Star.
This could include customization, scaffolding (breaking assessment into parts with formative feedback) (Born, 2003), applying requirements to sources for papers (Bain, 2014), and adjusting the balance from continuous assessment to invigilated examination.
Williams and Amy Wong, "The Efficacy of Final Examinations: A Comparative Study of Closed-Book, Invigilated Exams and Open-Book, Open-Web Exams," British Journal of Educational Technology, 40:2 (2009), 227-236.
The initiative gives parents an opportunity to revisit their school days by taking a test that is invigilated and evaluated by students.
The students spent an hour each week during lunchtimes swotting up on past papers and questions before taking a two-hour invigilated exam at college.
The FSA has taken virtually all self-regulation away from our industry, which means that by definition we are invigilated and regulated by people with little or no trading experience in our business," he said.
This gauging of learning uses elements such as multi-choice online examinations, comprehensive accounting practice set and a final invigilated examination.
As part of her first visit, Flood invigilated over an inter-house indoor rowing competition staged during the year eight autumn curriculum evening.
In our case a head teacher invigilated with little regard for the rules of what is called administration and appears to have put far too much pressure on my daughter to change one of her answers.
For bullies this virtual environment offers a space less invigilated by adults and by the authorities (Tejerina & Flores, 2008).
The reversal of power brought about by Hilditch's vision of a free, unmonitored Felicia wandering "his" territory is exacerbated by Miss Calligary's repeated visits to his house, which transform the invigilator into the invigilated.
Surprisingly, Hitchens had poured out his ire on the Korean leader whose reign he described as "an absolutely impermeable dictatorship that couldn't even be criticized, let alone overthrown, that went on forever, that supervised and invigilated your every waking moment and would not stop torturing you even after you were dead.
The organisation holds regular invigilated tests across the country and their youngest member is just two-and-a-half years old.
Puleston has previously invigilated the John Cale show at the Venice Biennale in 2009, and also worked as a technical assistant with the former Velvet Underground musician and visual artist to produce his film and sound installation.
This vote was invigilated by a magistrate so that the private results could be verified after opening a sealed voting box.