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Synonyms for investigate



Synonyms for investigate

to study closely or systematically

to go into or through for the purpose of making discoveries or acquiring information

Synonyms for investigate

conduct an inquiry or investigation of

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The IFJ calls on the Balochistan provincial government to expand the reach of the tribunals to investigate all murder cases in the province; and urges the government of Pakistan to establish a federal level mechanism to investigate the murder of more than 100 Pakistani journalists since 2001.
To investigate whether the enhanced contraction induced by arsenite was an endothelium-dependent effect, we performed experiments using aortic rings without endothelium.
Investigate and develop paper and wood product coating technology and coating materials that can deploy nanosensors to these products through mechanical or chemical means.
Pitts led a delegation to India to investigate minority rights and visited Gujarat, but the findings of his report were never made public.
The FBI is the principal investigative arm of the Justice Department and investigates more than 200 separate violations of federal law.
I found the society had failed to investigate a complaint fairly or thoroughly in half of the cases I examined.
He carefully describes the images, whether on walls or in codices, and investigates details of astrological thought as he finds them in specific, often political, contexts.
The QCIC has been in existence since 1979, and investigates the implications of an alleged audit failure of a public company client on a firm's quality control system.
Suppose you are a detective assigned to investigate a sexual assault complaint.
In addition, a supervisor's failure to investigate or take action could implicate that supervisor in a subsequent charge of a serious nature.
Today, two slots on the board remain to be filled, and the existing members are deciding on guidelines for determining which accidents to investigate.
But if the person assaulted is not a member of the tribe, the tribal police have no jurisdiction and the local police must be called in--if they are willing to investigate in the first place.
A sheriff's deputy who accompanied social workers to Ray's home to investigate her abuse report dismissed the bruises on the younger boy's buttocks as minor, Ray said.
Officials investigate laser beams at Detroit airport.
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