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Synonyms for investigate



Synonyms for investigate

to study closely or systematically

to go into or through for the purpose of making discoveries or acquiring information

Synonyms for investigate

conduct an inquiry or investigation of

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He said there was a need to investigate the process that allowed the governor access to multiple registrations.
If you do not investigate yourselves, I will set up a commission to investigate you, as a President with investigating powers,' Mr.
Jane Worthington, the IFJ Asia Pacific acting director, said: "The IFJ welcomes the decision by the Balochistan government to investigate the murders of journalists.
Therefore, the deputies had admittedly already prolonged the traffic stop far beyond the time reasonably necessary to investigate the license-plate problem when they learned about the expiration of the prior license plate.
To investigate whether arsenic affects contraction of blood vessels, we treated intact aortic rings with various concentrations of arsenite (trivalent inorganic arsenic) for 14 hr and then added phenylephrine and serotonin cumulatively to obtain concentration-contraction curves.
Investigate genetic and chemical modifications of wood lignocellulose materials to enable basic sensing capabilities and self regulation (e.
Our call is for the United States to step up to its responsibilities and investigate these matters first," Executive Director Schulz says.
Pitts led a delegation to India to investigate minority rights and visited Gujarat, but the findings of his report were never made public.
The postal inspectors investigate a wide variety of frauds that use the mail.
The Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman said the Law Society of Scotland refused to investigate complaints in too many cases.
He intertwines three themes which he describes as a triple fugue: the struggle to discover the secrets of nature, the burning, almost erotic desire to investigate those secrets, and the role of mathematics in discovery.
monitors, members of the International Police Task Force, were either customers or purchasers of trafficked women and girls and their passports, according to a report of the Local police often fail to investigate and arrest sex traffickers while blaming victims for their reluctance to testify.
I have received many comments and questions lately from members and the media concerning the programs the AICPA has in place to investigate alleged audit failures and discipline its members.
Suppose you are a detective assigned to investigate a sexual assault complaint.
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