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Synonyms for invert

Synonyms for invert

to change to the opposite position, direction, or course

Synonyms for invert

make an inversion (in a musical composition)

reverse the position, order, relation, or condition of


Related Words

turn inside out or upside down

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In some cases, buckling, leaks and inverts will have occurred in the existing pipe, requiring repair prior to spin casting.
Me and my bros used to juice back in the eighties so we could do the longest inverts known to man.
The Sukup Cross-Over system inverts grain in two-unit, vertically stacked dryers as it moves from the upper to lower unit to improve grain quality and maintain consistent moisture content.
A distinct advantage inverts the workpiece allowing back-side part machining, eliminating multiple handling and secondary operations.
Thus, it inverts the hierarchy of heaven and hell by replacing the supernatural streams of light, symbolized and embodied in the apses of cathedrals, with a naturally embodied earthbound source of redemption.