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Synonyms for inventive

Synonyms for inventive

characterized by or productive of new things or new ideas

not the same as what was previously known or done

able to use the means at one's disposal to meet situations effectively

Synonyms for inventive

(used of persons or artifacts) marked by independence and creativity in thought or action


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Inventive has manufacturing, research and development, and marketing facilities at Zhaoqing in southern China where it has excess production capacity, as well as an Rand D and sales center in Shanghai and sales and marketing offices in Hong Kong.
In order to provide a better cost oriented structure, Inventive Property Management will work to trim unneeded costs such as time consuming old billing habits, and introduce new technologies including electronic billing, communication, and a greater online presence to focus on marketing and brand recognition for the units.
Inventive Metal's iPhone cases are priced at USD69 each and can be purchased online at http://www.
58 percent of the female respondents would make a health science or consumer product invention their top priority; men's inventive interest is geared towards consumer products or web-based inventions (54 percent) .
Talking of subversive, inventive and funny, Robert Farquhar's Dead Heavy Fantastic opens at the Everyman this Friday.
Dave Long, from the Coventry Ambassadors Group, behind the event, said: "Cov entry has always been an inventive place, not just for its motoring, but going back thousands JUDGE: of years.
Business Link advisor David Dixon said: "The Innovation Factory is an interactive and engaging way of demonstrating to the region's businesses how - by making small inventive changes to their offering, or their processes and procedures - they can really improve their results and grow their business.
HOT on the heels of their T in the Park appearance, it's disco 2009 from the Franz lads on this brilliantly inventive track that would have Giorgio Moroder raking through his back catalogue for the original master tape.
Soprano Kate Royal - who has performed recently with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic - was joined by mezzo-soprano Christine Rice in a varied and inventive programme, which ranged from the early Baroque splendour of Purcell to delicious near-Impressionist compositions of Chausson.
In its recent judgment in Conor Medsystems v Angiotech Pharmaceuticals the House of Lords has reversed judgments of the Patents Court in 2006 and the Court of Appeal early in 2007, that had both found the UK designation of EP 0 706 376 B, Angiotech ' s patent for a stent coated with the drug taxol, to be obvious and thus invalid for lacking inventive step.
AN INVENTIVE engineer has scooped a lifetime achievement award.
Annika and Aaron's projects were inventive and inspiring, and truly got to the heart of what makes a house a home: the love and support of a family,'' says John Badger, president, Coldwell Banker Vista Realty.
It's a far cry from the hectic exuberance of The Spiral, but Hecker's nonetheless inventive orchestration of light and space will make a lasting mark on the city.
Full-color photography displays the innovative, inventive, practical, and beautiful creations, while the text describes recycling or creation processes tailored to avoid waste, pollutants, or the use of unfair or inhumane practices.
A delightfully inventive and varied tribute to a masterpiece of Western culture and its creator.