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With the new TrueSeal damper technology, InVent fans reduce air leakage by up to 50% compared to competitive models**, resulting in better home energy efficiency as measured via blower door tests.
Invent Ventures is a venture fund that builds and invests in transformative technology businesses.
Cubify Invent, combines our extensive 3D printing and design expertise to deliver a unique create-and-make experience to beginners and professionals alike, and this is just the beginning, promised Cathy Lewis, Vice President of Global Marketing for 3D Systems.
I wish I had the technical skills to invent something, but I don't.
When one considers the variety of ring styles and practices during this period, it becomes clear that jewelry manufacturers and retailers, from an early date, sought to invent traditions that would create new uses for their product.
personal narrative, fantasy, realistic fiction) children tell when they are asked to invent a fairy tale?
It was with this frame of reference that I developed a core of easy-to-use science curriculum activities that would give students opportunities to invent.
It stated, "Never mind that he didn't invent the Internet, serve as the model for Love Story or blow the whistle on Love Canal.
What do you think of gay relationships in terms of the way we have to invent a structure for ourselves?
To invent Sodomy was to invent a pure essence of the erotic without connection to reproduction.
Or perhaps you would prefer to pursue an increasingly popular strategy: invent something, make a splash with it and, as soon as possible, sell out to Microsoft.
Most choreographers invent themselves, but choreography itself invented Taylor.
What fun it must have been to invent all those modern gadgets back in the past.