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Synonyms for inveiglement

something that attracts, especially with the promise of pleasure or reward

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The inveiglement of Congress will be an admittedly slow affair, if only because Munoz wants to allow skeptical legislators ample opportunity to pore over the contracts and, after deliberating and debating to their hearts' content, ultimately declare the contracts constitutional.
190) In line with precedent, Wills recognized that kidnappings by inveiglement and decoy were punishable under the Act.
196) But Wills also chose to ignore the remainder of cases dealing with decoy and inveiglement, finding that their explicit silence on the point of accompaniment equaled an absence of input.
1994) (though defendant did not himself accompany victim across state lines, his decoy and inveiglement caused the victim to cross state lines in the company of an accomplice); United States.