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There are any number of interesting horses and a wealth of scenarios in which they might be inveigled.
He had a vast knowledge and a skeptical mind, so he wasn't easily inveigled by scientists who were making unwarranted claims.
A "cool, fusty smell" of grape inveigled the senses much like what happens when Marcel visits a public pavilion at the beginning of Ala recherche--hinting at the "pleasure of a different kind from other pleasures" set to unfold.
Yugoslavia's Josef Tito, for example, inveigled America into giving him aid money, and then pointed to the American fleet just off his coast if the Soviets thought about invading.
Gould had inveigled himself into the good graces of the Boxing Commission and persuaded them to permit Braddock a one-off fight-- another tune-up bout with an up-and-coming midwestern heavyweight named "Corn" Griffin.
Of President Bush the magazine said: 'He has inveigled himself into British life like no other world leader.
Indeed, as further disasters swiftly followed--including the death of the young Prince Imperial, heir to the Bonaparte throne in France, who had inveigled himself onto Chelmsford's staff as an observer--Chelmsford only retained his command king enough to finally defeat the Zulu thanks to the Herculean efforts of his Establishment supporters at home.
For the millennium, he persuaded, cajoled and inveigled composers to write and performers to perform more than 60 new works by Canadians across the country.
Finally, Ludmila Ulitskaya unravels the figure of a modern Penelope, deftly capturing the pathos of one repeatedly inveigled by the convincing designs of other women's lies, perhaps standing for all of us subject to the enchantment of a well-told tale.
His was a vile and shocking crime,made all the more unpleasant by the fact that he had inveigled himself into such a position of trust.
If you will pardon the sleight sir, you reign over us like a cruel sheik, while we are mere villeins to be inveigled and kept under constant surveillance.
Such an argument would fail, however, when we consider that there are only two parties mentioned by the Act: "whoever unlawfully inveigles or decoys" and the "person" being inveigled or decoyed.
Along the way Johnson inveigled some three dozen friends and acquaintances into posing in various locations while wearing a hand-made ``mer suit,'' consisting of a fabric tail and cardboard fin.
Historians believe that the most likely scenario is that Catesby, acting under Cecil's direction, inveigled a number of gullible Catholic "blades" into a hare-brained plot, which was later used as a pretext to suppress Catholicism in England.
There is also group singing of "Happy Birthday," and aud members are inveigled on-stage as tasters and as members of two teams competing to make dumplings.