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  • verb

Synonyms for inveigh

to express opposition, often by argument

Synonyms for inveigh

complain bitterly

speak against in an impassioned manner


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In the missive, which was subsequently leaked to the media, Clinton inveighed against the BDS movement, and pledged her support to efforts combating it.
Netanyahu both inveighed against the emerging terms of a deal and suggested broadening the scope of negotiations to require a change to Iran's regional posture--an idea swiftly rejected by the Obama administration as de facto "regime change" in Tehran.
Netanyahu both inveighed against the emerging deal and suggested broadening the scope of negotiations to require a change to what he described as Iran's "aggressive" regional posture - an idea swiftly rejected by the Obama administration as de facto "regime change" in Tehran.
In an interview with the Lebanese al-Bin newspaper, published Saturday, Mikdad inveighed against the UN for its ignoring of the existence of terrorism and turning that into an established official policy of its own, SANA reported.
Golden Dawn's popularity has slipped since Roupakias admitted to the murder of the activist, Pavlos Fyssas, a Greek rapper whose lyrics inveighed against rightist extremism.
During his 14-year reign Chavez - who died of cancer in March - inveighed against US "imperialism" and befriended US foes in Iran and Syria.
Several highly placed Russian officials spoke out this week against lawmakers' plans to ban US citizens from adopting Russian children, as the measure's supporters defended it and liberal-minded public figures inveighed against it.
FOR some years I have inveighed against latter-day art and entertainment.
Republican presidential hopefuls have inveighed against emergency contraception, want to investigate what happens to embryos left over from in vitro fertilization treatments, oppose prenatal testing, and support attempts to legally protect fertilized human eggs as "persons.
For decades he exemplified the region's ossified and impotent politics -- he frequently inveighed against Israel but took little notice of massive human rights violations by Arab autocracies.
The Arab scholar Ibn Khaldun (1958) spoke of the experimental intellect and inveighed against biased resources in the fourteenth century.
Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti particularly inveighed against Switzerland, on 17 May, and called for a European mechanism to sanction states and banks that fail to fulfil their obligations.
We have got to do a lot better than this agreement provides," said independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who inveighed against the deal on the Senate floor for more than six hours on Friday without a bathroom break or a chance to sit down.
cabinet meeting inveighed against recent comments by Arab League
Haniyeh has inveighed against the West Bank government for prohibiting the use of amplifiers in mosques located near settlements before the fast-breaking meal of the Ramadan, which he claims was done at Israel's requestIn addition, the Hamas prime minister accused the largely secular Palestinian Authority of targeting Islamic charity funds and of prohibiting certain Muslim clerics from speaking at mosques.