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More improbably, but equally forcefully, there are those who inveigh against the "legacy" of Ronald Reagan and the beginnings of deregulation (which actually began under Jimmy Carter
So, there had to be a willing suspension of disbelief when we heard Rahul Gandhi inveigh against the lack of rules or conventions in the Congress party and wonder how it worked.
Filmmakers cast the Celluloid Maiden as a harbinger of the sexual revolution and used her to inveigh against a "civilization" they deemed repressive.
When contemporary politicians inveigh against "anarchists" at protests, they typically are just using a shorthand for "hoodlums intent on chaos," but as Honeywell (politics, Sheffield Hallam U.
Neither do the opponents of Islam have the right to inveigh against true Islamic believers.
They inveigh against what they call the 'public culture', which is an amalgam of socially approved attitudes and values undergirding the publics' wishful thinking and the politicians' responses to it.
It is to be hoped that no Democratic citizen will place his children at this institution unless he wishes them, instead of learning the rudiments of science to be taught to revile his leaders, inveigh against republicanism and extol the corrupted government of Great Britain.