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For those who don't recognise the title it has been taken from Private Eye's hilarious spoof Dear Bill column, in which Margaret Thatcher's husband Denis would frequently inveigh against BBC staff.
Declaring that he could not honor "a pact with the devil," Aquino unshackled himself from his Marcosian straitjacket and proceeded to do what he did best: inveigh against oppression.
The protestors inveigh against cuts to unemployment benefits, proposals for school vouchers, and various budget-trimming efforts.
However, Mr Hu took the opportunity to inveigh against what he termed as the " serious graft situation" in the country and called on party members to show ethical conduct and control their family members.
And I'd add, on this May Day, that Jews also tend to be overrepresented among the likes of those who inveigh against the folks on the covers of those magazines and the system they represent on more virtuous and less prejudiced grounds.
When contemporary politicians inveigh against "anarchists" at protests, they typically are just using a shorthand for "hoodlums intent on chaos," but as Honeywell (politics, Sheffield Hallam U.
They inveigh against what they call the 'public culture', which is an amalgam of socially approved attitudes and values undergirding the publics' wishful thinking and the politicians' responses to it.