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Synonyms for invasive

relating to a technique in which the body is entered by puncture or incision

marked by a tendency to spread especially into healthy tissue


involving invasion or aggressive attack

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gradually intrusive without right or permission

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Growth in the MIS spinal implant market is largely driven by the advantages of minimally invasive surgery over open surgery.
Prospective studies have failed to define a causal link between NSAIDs and invasive GAS infections (3), though such studies were not specifically designed to investigate this relationship.
Not only does our state issue grants to the cities for the planting of exotic and invasive non-native trees but the state also subsidized the nurseries that grow them with grants for fencing and deer damage.
Locally, arundo is a bamboo-like grass that's highly invasive because it chokes up the river and crowds out the native species like willows and cottonwoods,'' said Ian Swift, biologist at the Placerita Nature Center.
INVASIONS' COSTS Invasive foliage has become a serious problem globally.
2 the odds of invasive cervical cancer, and those who were positive for type 16 had 4.
When an invasive species disrupts and dominates a food chain, it can siphon food energy away from other organisms in the chain.
6: Growth Rates by Segment, Minimally Invasive Surgery Spinal Device Market, China and Taiwan, 2010 C 2020
Some authors recommend earbapenems as the initial regimen against invasive methicillin-susceptible S.
It won't be easy to control invasive species or stem their influx.
Gamma Knife[R] surgery, also known as stereotactic radiosurgery, is a method for treating tumors and other brain disorders with ultrahigh precision, focused radiation, in many cases eliminating the need for invasive procedures.
Outbreaks of invasive infections caused by group A [beta]-hemolytic streptococcus (GAS) may occur in long-term care settings and are associated with a high case-fatality rate in debilitated adults.
We report the first serogrouping data from carried and invasive isolates obtained from children and adults in Malawi.
However, the usual invasive method for the measurement of glucose, based on frequent finger pricking, is highly uncomfortable and is not feasible to implement frequently, calling for a non-invasive alternative.
a cardiothoracic surgeon at Banner Baywood Heart Hospital in Mesa, Arizona, completed the first closed-chest, robotic procedure using the AtriLaze[TM] Surgical Ablation System to treat atrial fibrillation in conjunction with a minimally invasive mitral valve repair.
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