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Synonyms for invariant

Synonyms for invariant

a feature (quantity or property or function) that remains unchanged when a particular transformation is applied to it

unaffected by a designated operation or transformation

unvarying in nature

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Invariant submanifolds of a contact manifold have been a major area of research for a long time since the concept was borrowed from complex geometry.
Since the distance and the intensity value are invariant to orthogonal transformations of image neighborhood, the intensity-domain spin image itself is rotation-invariant.
MACE filters different from conventional matched filters that more than one reference image are used to synthesize a single filter template, therefore making its classification performance invariant to shift of the input image [24].
Going forward, NEC aims to continue driving the development of failure sign monitoring systems that utilize invariant analysis technologies to help maintain large-scale facilities throughout the world.
Does there exists a constant output feedback (3) such that the system (4) has invariant polynomials [c.
Narang: Common fixed points and invariant approximations for Cq-commuting generalized nonexpansive mappings, Iranian J.
For large groups, the Reynolds operator is not very convenient to build invariant polynomials.
Now it will be stated the condition that must be satisfied in order that a differential equation be invariant under a transformation group or, equivalently, what is needed to transform the solutions of a differential equation in solutions of the transformed equation.
In Section 3 we give a cyclically invariant function with sensitivity [THETA]([n.
azimuth invariant and variant cases) will be simulated to validate the new bistatic RDA.
For such loops, (i) the polynomial invariant ideal over the scalar variables is derived by omitting loop tests and deploying recurrence solving algorithms, and (ii) quantified loop invariants over arrays are inferred by using loop tests in conjunction with the recurrence equations of scalars.
The structure of 3-path invariant graph is given by the following result:
Haddad and Chellaboina develop generalized Lyapunov and invariant set theorems for nonlinear dynamical systems wherein all regularity assumptions on the Lyapunov function and the system dynamics are removed, and present a generalized global invariant set theorem for guaranteeing global attraction and global asymptotic stability of a nonlinear dynamical system.
NEC Corporation, a global leader in networking, communications and IT, has started the distribution of its performance analysis software system, the MasterScope Invariant Analyzer, to its overseas markets.
The notion of stochastic stability of the invariant measures of a continuous dynamical system was formulated as early as 1933 by Pontryagin, Andronov and Vitt [17] and Bernstein [4].