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Synonyms for invariable

Synonyms for invariable

Synonyms for invariable

a quantity that does not vary

not liable to or capable of change

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We need to be focused on the remaining Sundays of the bar exams, but we should not be like horses with blinders and keep going, ignoring the injustices along our way and accepting them as invariable.
El objetivo del libro es dejar hablar a la transgresion desde su singularidad, no como algo ahistorico, invariable y homogeneo, sino como algo sujeto al tiempo, a su variabilidad cultural, como algo fragmentario y con multiples perspectivas.
QUINTERO, Ines (Coordinadora), El relato invariable (independencia, mito y nacion), Caracas, Alfa, 2011, 297 pp.
They summarize the development of weak convergence in Donsker-type invariable principles, the convergence of point processes, weak convergence to semi-martingales, and the convergence of empirical processes.
The weak link here is THURSDAY/THUNDERY with only 50% invariable.
NNA - Lebanese and foreign women residing in many parts of the country have been subjected to invariable levels of violence, "No to Violence Association" stated in its Social Service Platform today.
Russia's invariable position is that Kyrgyzstan should become a member of the Customs Union," Medvedev said at a meeting with Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov.
Verdict History shows that Ghanaati's 2009 success apart, recent winners have been active juveniles who invariable contested Group and Listed races and tended to have ended their juvenile season with a win in such company If normal service is maintained, the obvious winners are Maybe and Lyric Of Light.
I propose to follow what is, in my view, the invariable practice, and that's to hear all the evidence.
Jack vive una vida casi perfecta, con la excepcion de una constante invariable y molesta: su hermana melliza, Jill.
Serious incidents are few and far between and invariable well out of sight of the usual crowd of revellers.
There is just something slightly sinister about the invariable optimists at the Dubai tourism sector.
While expressing satisfaction of otherwise invariable law and order situation of the Metropolis, he strongly declined any compromise over integrity and security of Pakistan.
Recently concern has been raised about the invariable degradation of taste and nutrition that such improvement entails, and this is addressed here.
Ante cualquier peticion de fondos, la respuesta invariable es que no hay, pero "?