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Synonyms for invariable

Synonyms for invariable

Synonyms for invariable

a quantity that does not vary

not liable to or capable of change

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de la Fere, with his invariable good sense, had immediately sent him again to the prince.
Epanchin's invariable fussiness and anxiety, there could not be the slightest hitch in the simplest matters of everyday life, but she immediately foresaw the most dreadful and alarming consequences, and suffered accordingly.
I know your outlook," said the Mason, "and the view of life you mention, and which you think is the result of your own mental efforts, is the one held by the majority of people, and is the invariable fruit of pride, indolence, and ignorance.
Either because Katharine looked more beautiful, or more strange, because she wore something different, or said something unexpected, Ralph's sense of her romance welled up and overcame him either into silence or into inarticulate expressions, which Katharine, with unintentional but invariable perversity, interrupted or contradicted with some severity or assertion of prosaic fact.
way of conciliating piety and worldliness, the nothingness of this life and the desirability of cut glass, the consciousness at once of filthy rags and the best damask, was not a sufficient relief from the weight of her husband's invariable seriousness.
Just to show you, let me state the one invariable process in a black man's brain when, on his native heath, he encounters a stranger.
The invariable custom of the larger recruiting vessels was to send two boats on any shore errand.
The ship the centre, the horizon was the invariable and eternal circle of the world.
Because Berkeley made an invariable practice of going through doors instead of walls.
His invariable petition to his medical attendants entreated them to send for her to nurse him.
Just break out that regular song of yours, old Forty-Niner," was the invariable reply.
I've kind of contracted a habit of enj'ying things," he remarked once, when Anne had commented on his invariable cheerfulness.
There had existed not a little desire in the room, according to invariable custom, when any new 'young person' came, to know who Kate was, and what she was, and all about her; but, although it might have been very naturally increased by her appearance and emotion, the knowledge that it pained her to be questioned, was sufficient to repress even this curiosity; and Miss Knag, finding it hopeless to attempt extracting any further particulars just then, reluctantly commanded silence, and bade the work proceed.
Around the projectile, at an invariable distance, were the objects which had been thrown out.
Put the question in this way:--Which has a more pure being-- that which is concerned with the invariable, the immortal, and the true, and is of such a nature, and is found in such natures; or that which is concerned with and found in the variable and mortal, and is itself variable and mortal?