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Synonyms for invariability

a quality of uniformity and lack of variation

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This means that it implies an invariability in the social structure that does not exist in reality and that, lacking an awareness of this, it absolutizes the observer's present social conditions.
In a nutshell, the relative invariability of each connecting link--the existence of conflicting identities (myth-symbol complexes), the nationalistic policymaking practice of Japanese elites, and the inflammatory reporting practice of South Korean mass media--make the pattern of the conflict enduring and repetitive.
These examples reflect a tendency towards invariability as regards nouns and adjectives by following the English pattern.
Spear concluded that there is a general consensus about the invariability of the sensitivity to the low spatial frequency band in the normal aging process.
A method for assessing the quality of earnings is the assessment of earnings uniformity since uniformity or invariability indicates high quality earnings.
This system ensures that we have an extremely stable temperature, allowing for consistent brewing and final product invariability.
Due to the narrowband spectral invariability of (24), the line voltages become:
He states that in spite of the transformations or bias given by the medium to a meme, the invariability of structure is what is transmitted.
However, the possible explanation could be the fact that the exchange rate has been tightly fixed, so that the variable, contrary to the case of the Visegrad countries, suffered complete invariability.
in Georgian legislation, including in the Constitution, the invariability of Georgia's course, first of all, its NATO and EU aspirations.
Too theoretical, too esthetician, too literally, too demanding and inflexible is Ierunca Virgil and Marino rejects, when he receives exactly what himself asks, blaming the author's invariability.
Further morphosyntactic features noticed by Silic and Pranjkovic are almost identical to those found in the English construction: morphosyntactic variability of light verbs as finite verb forms and the invariability of the nominal constructional element, which differentiates them from the so-called "nouns in a free relationship" (ibid.
Regarding event saliency, and given the invariability of imperfective aspectuality and syntactic subordination, attention was paid to the variables active/passive transitivity processes and assertive/non-assertive modality, two of the most relevant linguistic systems involved in narrative saliency.
In branch a) is claimed to be inferred from the persistence of a thing his invariability in time (for preservation of identity, persistence work that would guarantee invariability).
If it is the case, as some philosophers have claimed, that "Fregeanism" has ruled the analytic curriculum on the American campuses, it is unsurprising that Derrida's question about the invariability of speech-acts must have seemed just as bizarre to Searle as Poincare's critique seemed to formalists and logicists at the turn of the twentieth century.