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  • verb

Synonyms for invade

Synonyms for invade

to enter so as to attack, plunder, destroy, or conquer

Synonyms for invade

march aggressively into another's territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation


to intrude upon, infringe, encroach on, violate

occupy in large numbers or live on a host

Related Words

penetrate or assault, in a harmful or injurious way

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WHERE TO INVADE NEXT explores the current state of the nation in a form that is quintessential Moore: provocative, impassioned and very funny.
What can they (Americans) fabricate this time to invade Libya?
This high marsh-living grass (Poaceae) started to invade the salt marsh 10 years ago (Bouchard et al.
They've told us that Saddam's regime was on the verge of building nuclear weapons; that it had operational links with al Qaeda; that our allies would support our invasion if we stuck with our insistence about going it alone; that we could safely invade with a relatively small number of ground troops; that the Iraqi people would greet us as liberators; that Ahmed Chalabi could be trusted; that Iraq's oil revenues would pay for the country's reconstruction; and that most of our troops would be out of Iraq within six months of the initial invasion.
Whether or not, and to what extent, the trust gives the trustee the power to invade principal or accumulate income, or prohibits the trustee from invading principal or accumulating income; and the extent to which the trustee has exercised a power from time to time to invade principal or accumulate income;
Your skin, hair, and gut continually crawl with microscopic bacteria (single-cell organisms), fungi (FUN-guy, single cell or multicellular organisms such as mold and yeast), and viruses (nonliving particles that invade and reproduce in a living cell).
Build relationships, don't invade personal space-time.
reserved the right to invade any Latin American country that engaged in "flagrant wrongdoing.
The agency's Ground Staff Office believes it is possible China would invade the remote islands in Okinawa Prefecture to block joint support operations for Taiwan by Japan and the United States, according to the documents.
He pooh-poohs the possibility that Iraq might invade one or more of its neighbors and argues that Saddam Hussein "is primarily devoted to preserving his regime and his own personal existence.
This country fought two world wars and repelled efforts to invade it, we are now being invaded on a daily basis by thousands of asylum seekers and can expect thousands more when the EC is extended.
The paramilitaries invade villages and cities under the pretext of looking for civilians who support the guerrillas.
He or she can invade the principal for health reasons or to maintain an accustomed standard of living.
of Barton, TC Memo 1993-583, in which the grantor retained the sole power to terminate the trust and to invade trust principal by written direction to the trustee.
On the other hand, Saddam Hussein's unjustified decision to invade Kuwait was an outrageous violation of international legality and the principle of self-determination.