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For some critics, Guccini's view of Argentina reflects a sense of belonging to one's roots: "un'appartenenza alle radici, per antitesi" (Salvarani and Semellini 183); it is also the realization of the inutility of travel, which is a recurrent theme in both Metropolis and Guccini.
The New Covert appraisal had calculated economic obsolescence by using a gross margin and inutility analysis.
But whereas Ulysses's construction of masculinity befits epic action and a heroic age, Robbins points out the potential inutility of such a view to colonial administrators (versus imperial conquerors), who may require precisely those intermediate middle terms of masculinity to benefit society.
150) To do otherwise would result in the reduction of whole clauses or paragraphs of a treaty to redundancy or inutility.
We've seen how Carmichael rejected these practices on the grounds of their real-world inutility, and like him Ellison aligns the inutility of playing the dozens and consuming the Cadillac brand with the autonomy of literary form.
While similar strategies appear in many artists' toolkits, Prieto and Schlesinger formalize them around the idea of inutility, or, more precisely, thwarted efficacy.
Personally, I would prefer an entirely different approach to the problem of divorce, basing it not on the concept of fault or matrimonial offence, but on the social inutility or worse of preserving a marriage bond that has no meaning.
Snow, who wrote of the two cultures in the late 1950s, many scientists still took an unembarrassed pride in the inutility of their vocation.
It is, I hope, unnecessary to dwell on the inutility of seeking a strict idea of history among the Mons, or any other South East Asian people, before the prolonged and general contact with Western European systems of thought which arguably marks the true boundary between the "medieval" and "modern" periods in Further India, and which in their case began only with the British annexation of Tenasserim in 1826.
Those two points--the inutility of nuclear weapons, which implied their irrelevance to regional politics, and the fact that other powers would still have many times more such weapons--represented the core elements of a 'realist' strategic argument against possession of nuclear weapons that would later be articulated in greater depth.
It is terrifying for me to consider, now, how television, a kind of cultural nerve gas, has compromised the world's six thousand epistemologies, generalizing them into the inutility of "what we all know" and "what we all believe.
Against the one, Sidney's "Apology for Poetry" is a response to a puritan attack on poetry's immorality, against the other, Shelley's "Defence of Poetry" is a response to Peacock's tongue-in-cheek attack on its commercial and scientific inutility.
Absence of support or Decrease of the BSC insufficient support significance in the from management's side emaning of its inutility to the use of the BSC.
This was, after all, the heyday of dandyism and gentlemen culture and the upper class male and his consumption, in spite of the so called Great Masculine Renunciation--that supposedly produced a shift in male clothing from ostentation and inutility to sobriety and functionality--played an important role in distinguishing and negotiating class differences and social hierarchies.
On the other hand, if the marginal inutility for pollution is very high, then the government values more the adverse effects of pollution, which at the same time increases tax collection by means of the pollution tax, although this sacrifices in some way the benefit to companies and consumer well-being.