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covered with water

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The breach flood inundated villages of Budho Khan Rajpar, Haji Suleman Rajpar, Hashim, Mohammad Amin, Faiz Mohammad, Ustad Raza, Sharif Marri, Malook Shar, Moulvi Saifullah and others.
Rivers Rapti, Ghaghara, Burhi Rapti, Rohini and Quano are in spate and have inundated vast areas in Lakhimpur Khiri, Barabanki, Faizabad and Ballia, Gorakhpur and Siddharthnagar.
Summary: Toll rises to 214 as new areas inundated after Budhi Gandak river breaks its embankment
MIRPURKHAS -- Three days have passed since the downpour but the city is still inundated with rain and sewerage water.
BADIN -- Intermittent monsoon rains in different areas of district Badin inundated low lying areas of the district while standing crops also suffered losses.
WWcZm4SGPcc) study released Wednesday, cities along the Jersey Shore and in parts of North Carolina, South Louisiana, and neighboring areas that have been known as vulnerable from years are expected to be inundated by 2035.
Many villages in Kohlu areas were inundated due to the heavy rain.
BRAVE Bradley Lowery posted a heartwarming thank you message, after being inundated with Birthday wishes.
flooded homes are seen off of LA-1064 after heavy rains inundated the region, Saturday, Aug.
While the country still is recovering from the storm, researchers with the University of Texas, Austin, have found that an aquifer on the island of Samar inundated with salt water by the storm surge could remain undrinkable for up to 10 years, but a second aquifer on the island that also was inundated has recovered much more quickly.
Within minutes most, if not all, roads in Jeddah were turned into large swimming pools making it almost impossible for vehicles and pedestrians to negotiate their way through the inundated streets.
A POSTMAN has played a vital role in stopping a vulnerable pensioner being inundated with scam mail.
yZMyR (CyHAN)- As continuous heavy rain hit touristic Turkish town of EceE-me, located in the western province of yzmir, many houses and workplaces were inundated in some neighborhoods.
Hundreds of villages are reported to have been inundated due to the heavy monsoon and swelling up the River Brahmaputra and its tributaries.
Serang, Indonesia, Safar 5, 1434, Dec 18, 2012, SPA -- Some 504 houses in Pandeglang district, Banten province, have been inundated by floods since Monday night, with floodwaters reaching a height of 1-2 metres, dpa quoted National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho as saying.