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any plant of the genus Inula

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Typical species in Molinietum caeruleae, Galium boreale and Inula salicina, were absent or very rare in the Carex hostiana community.
Inula hookeri is one of the best for damp places, while I magnifica with its great pile of broad, rough foliage, growing to more than six feet is a superb and dignified specimen for the back of the border.
Willow-leaved inula is not yet used in contemporary medicine.
One of the most stunning plants I have HOME TRUTHS John Humphries While several bucket loads of the evacuees were scattered in an untidy corner to serve as ground cover if they survive my rough handling, a crop of inula seedlings, which have also rooted in the path will be potted up for future use.
Inula helenium may be used not only for its stimulating expectorant effects but also to support digestion and a debilitated constitution (Mills 1989).
To determine the chemical constituents responsible for pharmacological effects of Inula britannica-F.
Our common hollyhock, much loved by cottage gardeners, can cure a sore throat on its own but, when added to Inula, Coltsfoot and Thyme, becomes a powerful cough syrup.
a cholagogue, an emmenagogue, and an antiseptic: Inula crithmoides L.
Flavonoids of Inula britannica protect cultured cortical cells from necrotic cell death induced by glutamate.
Daisy-like Helenium Moerheim Beauty and Inula magnifica do well in clay soil.
The most promising extracts originate from plants used in traditional medicine, such as Inula montana, Bupleurum rigidum and Scrophularia scorodonia (Martin et al.
Heleniums, crocosmias, inulas, hardy geraniums, and irises should be divided every three years.
In front of them come the vast range of enchanting perennials like phlox, asters, the taller campanulas, dahlias - although some are tall enough to be in the back row - inulas, rudbeckias, bergamot (Monarda), lupins, penstemon, oriental poppies, irises, particularly the more delicate Iris sibirica for damp beds.
But the cottage garden full of golden rod, delphiniums, lupins, Michaelmas daisies, inulas and foxgloves that surrounds the thatched stone and timber house is only a small part of the grounds.