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any plant of the genus Inula

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Kong, "Inhibitory effects of JEUD-38, a new sesquiterpene lactone from inula japonica thunb, on LPS-induced iNOS expression in RAW264.
Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Inula cappa DC (Msc.
80, correspondientes a cada uno): Achillea (1), Amblyopappus (1), Arctotheca (2), Artemisia (1), Aster (5), Baccharis (2), Borrichia (2), Commidendrum (2), Cotula (1), Coulterella (1), Dicerothamnus (1), Dittrichia (1), Elytropappus (1), Eriocephalus (1), Felicia (1), Flaveria (6), Grindelia (3), Hirpicium (1), Hymenoxys (2), Hypochaeris (1), Inula (2), Iva (6), Jaumea (1), Lasthenia (1), Launaea (1), Leontodon (1), Limbarda (1), Melanthera (2), Minuria (1), Nardophyllum (1), Olearia (1), Osteospermum (5), Otanthus (1), Pectis (1), Pentzia (2), Picrosia (1), Pluchea (7), Pseudoclappia (1), Psila (1), Senecio (3), Solidago (1), Sonchus (1), Symphyotrichum (2) y Tuberostylis (1).
Inula magnifica - not for the fainthearted, this has very large leaves, tall stems and very big flowers.
AU CM MTX, P Trixis inula Crantz AU DCA MTX Verbesina cinerascens H CM BE B.
Esa planta fue Inula helenium y la substancia fue llamada despues inulina por Thomson en 1818.
Effect of Inula racemosa root extract on cardiac function and oxidative stress agaist Isoproterenolin Myocardial infarction.
There are also monographs for some of the herbs in my dispensary, Inula helenium, Arctium lappa and Paeonia officinalis.
Control of plant diseases by extracts of Inula Viscosa.
salicina community (Molinion) has a high frequency of Succisa pratensis, Galium boreale, Inula salicina, and Geum rivale, which are absent or very rare in the S.
Inula helenium 30 mL Scutellaria baicalensis 40 mL Hyssopus off.
Naturalized medicinal plants from the viewpoint of ethnobotany: the example of butterbur, chicory, elecampane inula, horseradish, soapwort and sweet violet] Maetagused (Tartu) 36, 105-128.