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Synonyms for intumescence

swelling up with blood or other fluids (as with congestion)

the increase in volume of certain substances when they are heated (often accompanied by release of water)

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During the intumescence of the coating under fire, the fire retardant additives in the coating decompose and release some nonflammable gases.
impart intumescence, bum rate control, anticorrosion, quaternization sites, disassociation rate/electron transfer control, etc.
One can therefore only infer that these values are stable or tend to vary toward lower values in the craniocaudal direction, except for segments L3-L6, which present the lumbar intumescence.
His last publications were the important series of articles assembled later as Clinical Memoirs on Abdominal Tumours and Intumescence.
And while PB-460 is not itself an intumescent FR, it enhances the natural intumescence of polycarbonate, Green adds.
Wood Seal: The Company's Class B liquid penetrant for wood, has been improved in like manner to the improvements to FX-100, with quicker cures, high water resistance, and improved fire performance, adding FX-100-like intumescence to create a Class A, one step wood spray, which is an industry first.
Delobel, Fire Retardancy of Polymers: The Use of Intumescence, Cambridge, The Royal Chemical Society (1998).
These results showed that the intumescence and fire protection of the coating without BN attenuated fast under aging conditions, which implied that the anti-aging property of the coating without BN was very weak.
These are called the cervical and lumbar intumescence.
Based on proprietary phosphorus compounds, the masterbatches achieve their flame-retardant property through intumescence.
Now EG is a new kind of physical intumescence flame retardant, and it is not only of high efficiency but also friendly to environment.
Fream, Eliokem and a French lab that specializes in fire protection materials, have been investigating the resin's role in the mechanism of intumescence.
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