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(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired primarily by intuition

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Another area of intuitionist adjudication in copyright law is the
On the hand, Kaspar pitches the book to students: it is 'something of an introduction to the intuitionist outlook' (7); he writes in an admirably accessible style; he concludes each chapter with a summary of the main points; he refrains from interacting with minor figures in the literature; and he generally opts for breadth rather than depth.
Similarly, Haidt (2001)'s social intuitionist model broadens this view to suggest that like other dual process models, moral reasoning, like emotion, occurs first as an automatic, largely emotional, process before a controlled cognitive analyses take place.
15) Furthermore, he takes an intuitionist approach to mathematics, which he develops in the 1830S through his theory of algebra as "the science of pure time" and confirms through his reading of Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
Vertical Bearings: Dashiell Hammett's Maltese Falcon and Colson Whitehead's The Intuitionist.
In the social intuitionist perspective proposed by Haidt (2001), moral decisions are often made through effortless and intuitive processes with the reasoning coming after the decision has been made.
By ignoring the negative intuitionist response to criminal conspiracy on the part of both courts and scholars and instead reasoning in a principled manner from both core premises of free speech theory and analogous applications of First Amendment doctrine, we seek to establish that at least certain expressive elements of traditional criminal conspiracy are, in fact, deserving of substantial constitutional protection.
Their search was in reaction against the intuitionist movement from the Wang Yangming school, which advocated that principles for moral action were to be found entirely within the mind and heart.
Moreover, the robustness as well as precision of multi-criteria optimization can be improved by applying either intuitionist fuzzy numbers (Zhang, Liu 2010) or two-tuple linguistic representation (Liu 2009b).
2008) and that people often cannot justify their moral decisions (Haidt 2001), Jonathan Haidt developed the Social Intuitionist Model (SIM) proposing the idea that intuition drives moral judgment.
A 'mute', wholly non-argumentative intuitionist morality would probably be of no practical use, thus falling prey to the sting of another Wittgensteinian observation: "Nothing will do as well as something about which nothing can be said".
From Haidt's social intuitionist perspective, "this process is no different from the psychological comfort that liberals attain in moralizing their empathic responses or that social conservatives attain in moralizing their connection to their groups.
The Nineteenth-Century Lukacsian and Intuitionist Realist Traditions.
43) It is not clear to me whether Reinach is in fact giving an inferentialist or (Husserlian categorial) intuitionist account in this respect.