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Den you take and sell yo' truck aroun', a little at a time, en pay de intrust.
Perhaps you may be the first whom He will call to himself; but if I am left alone in the world, then, monsieur, intrust the care of the child to me.
You didn't intrust him to me, by-the-by,' I grumbled, 'though I had the honour of a much longer acquaintance; but Miss Millward has the art of conciliating and amusing children,' I carelessly added, 'if she is good for nothing else.
To you alone of my acquaintance would I intrust a powder like that.
If nothing is added to the material facts so far established, I fear that the mystery which surrounds the abominable crime of which Mademoiselle Stangerson has been the victim will never be brought to light; but it is to be hoped, for the sake of our human reason, that the examination of the walls, and of the ceiling of The Yellow Room --an examination which I shall to-morrow intrust to the builder who constructed the pavilion four years ago--will afford us the proof that may not discourage us.
Winkle, as an especially eligible person to intrust the secret to, that he was resolved to cut the throat of any gentleman, except Mr.
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Quest InTrust for Windows helps organizations comply with external regulations and internal policies by securely collecting, storing and reporting on heterogeneous event data," said David Waugh, vice president, Product Management, Quest Software.
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CheckClear LLC, owner of Endpoint Exchange, the National Check Image Exchange network, announced today it has achieved full electronic truncation in the 10th Federal Reserve District with the installation of the company's image-based check exchange and electronic clearing technology at INTRUST Bank of Wichita, Kansas, and BancFirst of Oklahoma City, positioning the Network for national deployment.
Two of the largest financial institutions in the central region, INTRUST Bank and BancFirst are charter members of the Endpoint Exchange, joining earlier this year through the Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association (COCHA).
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