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Synonyms for intrusion

Synonyms for intrusion

the act or an instance of interfering or intruding

an advance beyond proper or legal limits

an excessive, unwelcome burden

Synonyms for intrusion

any entry into an area not previously occupied

entrance by force or without permission or welcome

the forcing of molten rock into fissures or between strata of an earlier rock formation

rock produced by an intrusive process

Related Words

entry to another's property without right or permission

References in classic literature ?
My uneasy sense of committing an intrusion on him steadily increases, in spite of his courteous welcome.
I spoke to him pleasantly, apologizing for my intrusion, but he took no notice of me.
At first Anne felt inclined to resent the intrusion of this long-haired, long-bearded eccentric into the familiar little circle.
Willet,' said Solomon Daisy, who had exhibited some impatience at the intrusion of so unworthy a subject on their more interesting theme, 'when Mr Chester come this morning, did he order the large room?
My intrusion appears to have sadly disturbed the two gentlemen.
He lightly waved a new handkerchief to illustrate his swallow-like intrusion.
That was necessary and unavoidable; it was the private intrusions which I resented with all the spleen the sea had left me in exchange for the qualities it had taken away.
The first part, dealing with sulphide-associated PGE occurrences in layered stratiform intrusions, begins with an overview of the geology of the Muskox intrusion and its PGE concentrations, followed by descriptions of the geology, geophysics and PGE discoveries of the Fox River sill and the Mechanic intrusion in New Brunswick.
In the computer intrusion investigation, the initial steps are the same.
Host Intrusion Prevention Provider Experiencing Strong Growth
com) today announced a new program designed for SIEM vendors that provides them with the support necessary to ensure efficient and tight integration with the Third Brigade host intrusion prevention system.
com), a security software company that specializes in host-based intrusion prevention systems, announced that Third Brigade Deep Security supports the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company two technology patents for intrusion prevention and detection methodologies for iPolicy.
the world leader in network intrusion prevention and creators of Snort(R), today announced the winners of its second annual Snort Scholarship Program.