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projecting inward

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Iran will first issue radio warnings to any such aircraft which have entered the country's airspace, and then, in case of an intrusion, the Iranian Air Force will take appropriate action against the intruding aircraft.
Iran also seized two other intruding Saudi vessels in December 2012 and January this year.
Because female fish didn't noticeably react, eye flashes probably warn off intruding males, Flamarique, Mueller, and their colleagues say in an article now online for the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
In its depiction of the New World settlers intruding on natives living in harmony with the land, the movie, which also stars Christian Bale (``Batman Begins''), would seem to continue exploring themes running through Malick's slim body of work.
Incarceration under the present system puts prisoners in a system that operates by rules very different to those of the outside world (as heartbreakingly shown in other articles in the issue) and causes the inmate to be trained (modified for the long term) to cope in that environment, leaving them ill-prepared to function "outside" Is it more ethical to maladaptively modify a person purely by environmental factors without crossing the line of intruding on their biology, or to violate their personal biological boundaries in the hope of rehabilitating them for successful reentry into society?
As if this wasn't bad enough, his neighbor Norma insists upon intruding in his already dysfunctional family until a freak accident renders her a cripple.
Mexico's Foreign Relations Department, which is never shy about intruding into our domestic affairs, condemned the ballot measure, insisting that it would "foment racial discrimination and limit [migrants'] access to basic services like health and education.
It's like intruding on a private realm, seeing things never meant for our eyes, overhearing a whispered conversation.
Caregivers can speak privately with internal departments without using the resident's room station and intruding on resident privacy.
We're really just trying to be accessible to people who want to come see us, instead of intruding on people who may not want to talk to us," Hewitt said.
Wary of intruding on performance itself, the approach is less wary of intruding on talk about performance, mastered through theory just as performance is left unmastered.
Japan's Defense Agency intends to develop equipment that would use a parachute-like object to slow down intruding spy ships, agency officials said Thursday.