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directed inward

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Extrovertive and Interpretation, but not the Introvertive factors tend to predict religious and psychological adjustment in Iranian Muslims (e.
The questionnaire comprises four subscales labeled Unusual Experiences (12 items), Cognitive Disorganization (11 items), Introvertive Anhedonia (10 items), and Impulsive Nonconformity (10 items).
I have never experienced anything to be divine," reverse-scored); introvertive mysticism (e.
Anyhow, that kind of introvertive existentiality implied a rather sweeping effect on the reality of all that we receive by our outward senses and that we have the ability to submit to quantificational categorization.
In Jungian parlance, the uroboric mysticism, or the introvertive experience which its emphasis on the return to the source and the immersion into an oceanic entity, as presented by the description of Ben Azzai, was rejected in favor of the world-transforming mysticism as exemplified by the figure of R.
Bucknell (1989b) suggests that the "third non-material jhana" encountered in Buddhist meditation is analogous to the introvertive mystical experience "in which both the thought-stream and sensory input have ceased, leaving zero mental content" (p.