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Synonyms for introspective


Synonyms for introspective

given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences

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It is not as hard as a stone," he went on in the same introspective voice, and looking as if his heart were lying as heavy as a stone in that unwarmed breast of which he spoke.
The ballet begins as a dance improvisation on which we, as audience, eavesdrop, a seemingly spontaneous moment in which the coolly pliant Joy Gim, as The Spanish Dancer, begins an introspective solo atop a huge wooden table.
Our responsibility is to do incredible, deep introspective work in terms of whom we want to be and how we can become that person,'' Olins said.
If many of these artists offered introspective, private experiences rather than the universals of high Modernism, others embraced high-Modernist pictorialism via materials, even exploiting the gallery wall.
calls "an introspective homage to Fagan's teacher, mentor and friend.
This survey confirms what many organizations suspect from anecdotal customer feedback and introspective analysis: that chronic business process inefficiency, or, as we call it, `corporate cholesterol', has a direct and immediate impact on customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention," said Mark Christiansen, vice president of marketing at Exigen Group.
Now comes the aptly titled ``Identity Crisis,'' an introspective one-woman project with minimal frills and the hushed atmosphere of a basilica.
Even more introspective are his gouaches, from 1968 and later, that use the image of the construction worker as a means of meditating on human nature.
The ensemble work is big and flashy, but the solo is so personal and quiet and introspective.
The seven songs show the Secretary not only holding forth from his press podium but in introspective moments as well.
The more introspective of the pair, Isabella enjoys writing and is an aspiring novelist and poet.
With the help of talents like Goodwin and lighting designer Jean-Philippe Trepanier, he creates a soft, introspective magic with a beauty that transcends urban life.
Kuitca's more introspective vision has resulted in an increasingly poetic yet egocentric work, in which communication and interpretation become more difficult and therefore freer.
The supporting mini-documentary runs 45 minutes and includes introspective interviews with 15 former and current GSB students.
Her sixth disc offers a stark, unflinchingly introspective account of an addictive personality (whether to alcohol or people) and related feelings of isolation as she makes her way through the emotional minefield of recovery.