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Synonyms for introspective


Synonyms for introspective

given to examining own sensory and perceptual experiences

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Introspective Networks brings a powerful and unique solution for securing highly confidential information that it is transmitted over any network.
Introspective accuracy for social cognitive judgments can be assessed similarly to the strategies used to assess the domains of everyday functioning and cognitive performance.
All movie stars, while sitting on the toilet, are introspective.
If there is a property that resembles the introspective representation of phenomenal redness, then the concept 'phenomenal redness' applies to that property.
The Stripey Introspective finishes tomorrow and the next show is by award-winning glass artist Gaelle Roche, who's based in Earlsdon, Coventry.
This introspective paper shows that teaching is bound to many other factors not normally regarded within the framework many teachers apply.
SOMETIME soul songbird Tammy Payne has re-invented herself as a lo-fi chan- teuse of introspective folk-pop songs, and her band's second understated album is a gem.
The Todd Rundgren-sampling Shake A Fist is tougher and more powerful than their previous output, while Made In The Dark is their most soulful and introspective song yet.
Duncan's novel is humorous, romantic, philosophical, quirky, introspective, literate, and occasionally obscene.
An introspective allegory about the search for prosperity of the soul, a need that lingers despite fulfilling the needs of the body, LeRoi tracks its self-assured, at times sardonic, yet inwardly incomplete protagonist on a journey of expanded awareness.
But anyone looking for a change of pace from the introspective piano man should check out ``Gulf Coast Blues,'' easily the most un-Winston-like album in his career.
At times mournful and introspective, at times bold and outspoken, Hitch flows with original talent in its interfolding of concept, description, and verbal patterns.
Along with introspective retrospectives concentrating on the German speaking world (industrial architect Godber Nissen, church architect Dominikus Bohm, social architect and Hamburg's Building Senator Gustav Oelsners), there was also an array of 'exotic' architecture from Teheran, Shanghai, Mumbai, the Piedmont Alps, Damascus and the traditional Orient, as well as works from Prague to Zurich designed by 2005 Tessenow Prize winner Miroslav Sik.
Bold colors, startling reflective themes and introspective art: you can't ask for more.
Originally released in 2004, this expanded reissue adds 17 remixes by cult-level electronic artists (Soft Pink Truth, Solex), the best of which judiciously expand the curious sonic lexicon of the originals; Efterklang enhances the spectral "Campfire" with harp and accordion, yielding results as lovely and as loopy as Bjork at her most introspective.