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With the Congress still introspecting on the poll debacle, there has been a strong demand from within the party that Priyanka should take up a key role to aid her brother, vicepresident Rahul Gandhi, whose style of working has been blamed for the election results.
New Delhi, May 28 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Mukhthar Abbas Naqvi has called on the Congress Party to be less arrogant and avoid making personal comments against government ministers and party leaders, and spend more time introspecting on its current political status post-elections.
We suffered loss due to this, but we are introspecting all of this.
And as he relaxes away from work, Karan is introspecting on the professional goals he has realised so far.
In so far as the Interior Minister of Pakistan is concerned, he would be better served by bothering about the internal situation in Pakistan and really introspecting about the treatment of minorities in Pakistan and see as to what they can do as a state to improve the condition and plight of their own minority," he added.