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Arun Jaitley asks delegation of alumni to introspect upon the grave issues and bring the institute back on track
Hours after Rahul Gandhi stormed the well of the House on the issue of communal violence, minister said, "I think it is time for the Congress party to introspect itself.
Excitement is building in the Chicagoland area as Surging Films & Theatrics and Introspect Theatre gear up for their joint production of the controversial and award winning hit musical, Spring Awakening, with music by Duncan Sheik and book and lyrics by Steven Sater.
During a quick chat with host of journalists, senior leader PML-N Raja Zafar ul Haq said that we respect verdict of courts thick and thin adding people who are talking about change should introspect first.
Autonomy Introspect was selected thanks to its unmatched meaning-based capabilities including integrated keyword and conceptual search, near-duplicate analysis and meaning based coding, massive, petabyte scalability, and the ability to process and understand all data types and languages.
He uses the Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS) and Introspect for examinations, and the Introspect and Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation (SCIO) for therapy, focusing the SCIO therapy on the findings from the other devices.
Since change is the only constant we live with, it will force us to introspect a bit on our spending habits.
Delegates were encouraged to introspect, share, be transparent and work together as employees of ENOC rather than as managers and staff," said Zaid AlQufaidi, Chief Operating Officer.
it's important to introspect, meditate, and dream .
UK Internet Service Provider (ISP) Zen Internet has announced it is working with ZenPartner Introspect IT Solutions Ltd to provide high speed Internet connectivity for the V festival, a rock festival in Chelmsford and Weston Park, UK, taking place on 19-20 August.
He notes incidents of gang rape in Punjab, "mass rape in Darfur, female genital mutilation across parts of Muslim Africa, and honor killings of girls," concluding that "it would appear to be time for our holier-than-thou sermonizers to introspect a bit and focus on some of their own sexual hangups.
Maybe at the end of October, when you notice coworkers looking at you funny (oven when you're not in Halloween sequins), you'll finally get the message to introspect less and kick back more.