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(psychoanalysis) the internalization of the parent figures and their values

(psychology) unconscious internalization of aspects of the world (especially aspects of persons) within the self in such a way that the internalized representation takes over the psychological functions of the external objects

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Topological security presents a grim outlook for radical politics: it introjects expressions of creative, transgressive potential the force of the outside--and thus makes critique itself the method for surviving the Anthropocene.
After comparing, contrasting, and deliberating with introjects and with himself, his dialogues were subject to a new MEC action, eliciting a shift into his internal rhetoric.
The Expression step encourages and allows the Vaded state to say everything it would like to say to the introject (internalized impression, usually of another person) that gave it fear or rejection.
Ultimately healing depends on separating out one's essence from the introjects (qualities and beliefs from parents, priests, teachers, abusers) that he took on and eventually identified with as himself.
The child introjects a familial environment, which implies that there is always someone present; therefore, the child becomes gradually able to be actually alone.
From the beginning the ego introjects objects "good" and "bad", for both of which the mother's breast is the prototype--for good objects when the child obtains it, for bad ones when it fails him.
One writer for the SoHo Weekly News described Fox 2 in December 1975 as "over 150 pages of printed black ve rbal vomit introjects that were obviously force-fed, but remain unassimilated or digested by the manic word-worshippers contributing their written participation to the muddled, Marxian ideological intent of the fanatical Fox.
Negative labeling creates negative introjects and the internalization of a negative self-concept.
Unlike the child who introjects the absent mother and then uses language to recall her, the depressive insists on tasting the irrecoverable food, hearing the soothing voice, having the object that satisfies and makes describing it unnecessary.
As we have seen, the child fears his parents in their capacity as disciplinarians, and he introjects them to form an agency of self-discipline.
For while the mesmerist in a sense introjects the other through hypnosis, Egaeus' acute sensibility renders such introjection impossible.
Even as she repudiates him, Mathilda is haunted by the figure of her father, whom she cannot mourn but whose loss leaves her in a state of incurable melancholy, and whose image she introjects rather than incorporates, maintaining him "intact as the living dead .
Instead, immunization introjects the other into the self, making the other more like the self in order to negate its otherness (Doma, 2006; Esposito, 2011).
These two ego-states were introjects that constantly gave negative feedback when the patient had to talk in front of other people and superiors.
The third manner reported by Searles (1965) in which the schizophrenic patient introjects the therapist's unconscious feelings is by acting these out in some way.