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(psychoanalysis) the internalization of the parent figures and their values

(psychology) unconscious internalization of aspects of the world (especially aspects of persons) within the self in such a way that the internalized representation takes over the psychological functions of the external objects

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In other words, a parent's body was invested with projected dangers, while the child's own internal world was transformed into a similarly menacing environment following the introjection of these dangerous external objects.
The fantasized intimacy of death has replaced failed collectivities: whatever psychological satisfactions and benefits Giorgio might have found in Croce's destroyed collectivities he must find among his introjections and his jumbled selves.
Clarifying who I am involves discovering early introjections and dis-identifying with them, discovering all the many projections and re-collecting them, and discovering the other psychical subjects who populate the unconscious and forming alliances with them.
Selon Rosenfeld, les etats narcissiques sont enracines dans l'identification du soi a l'objet comme resultat inevitable de l'alternance des projections et des introjections constituant le moi rudimentaire.
Psychotherapy, then, can function not only to help a patient differentiate real images of parental and other interpersonal relationships from the internal objects that are contaminated with projections and introjections from other relationships.
She establishes this connection through projections and introjections.
Contrary to this, I propose, images in cinema obscura work as our introjections.
Woven from a confusion of projections and introjections, this story, in which Spider is a helpless bystander, is less devastating to him than confronting the true circumstances of her death.
He emphasizes his intention not to focus on the pathology of paranoia, but to speak to the pervasive psychodynamics of introjections, projections, and paranoid construction.
Through a series of phantastic introjections and projections, phantasies become organized around an inner world--an imaginary physical space inside the body--in which internal objects are located and interact with one another.
Affected by the imagos intertwined in a play of negative transferences(16) that bring the past onto the present, Agustin displaces his ancient imagos, the representations that fix the experiences of brutality acquired by previous introjections excluded from his consciousness, onto Edwina.
Rosolato also argues that the child's hearing and responding to the mother's voice is a key phase that sets the stage for more complex and later developments: "it [the mother's voice] carries, in effect, the first introjections [emphasis Rosolato's] preparatory to identification" ("Entre corps et langage," 80).
Partial introjections and identifications along libidinal and aggressive lines coalesce.
This person did not complete the introjection of a healthy nurturing caregiver, or the healthy introjections were outweighed by unhealthy introjections.
Miniaturization has its own history, some of which communicates with Deleuze's reading of masochism as a process of miniaturized introjections, or portraits, of the humiliated father.